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A few terrible warnings

We were traveling on Saturday, not anywhere near Charlottesville, Virginia. Our route covered from the far Western side of Texas to the Tularosa Basin of the Chihuahuan Desert in the New Mexico state. We stopped at a restaurant for lunch where we saw two Warning signs. There will be no warning shot The first sign said, "Ammo (ammunition) is expensive. There will be no warning shot." When I read this, I thought ...

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Is your city water safe to drink?

Drinking water is a concern for everyone. The concern is quadrupled with little ones at home. Is my child receiving the best water? Is the water arsenic free? What if there is lead in the drinking water? All kinds of questions to worry about. My dentist said that the city water is good because it has fluoride in it. How about the harmful items? Sadly, this post will not give ...

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Sprinkler valve installation DIY

Sprinkler valve installation is an easy DIY. You will know how easy it is if you just do it once. In this post, we will explain from very scratch, (1) what is a sprinkler valve, (2) what are the sprinkler valve options, (3) how to install a sprinkler valve. Well ... we will explain many more items in detail, which we did not even imagine that we would know before ...

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Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin

This post is written in the voice of a (cranky) great-grandma of a neighbor. She will tell us today about Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin. I was patient with her and as a result I received great information about some great books. I suggest you remain calm as well. She is “all talk” and in real life, harmless and sweet. This post contains some links to Amazon. If you use any of ...

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The past and present satire

We hear the phrase --- good old days --- a lot. This is funny because a few memories of my childhood scare me to death now. For example, when a family member went for shopping she/he had to be off the grid for a few hours. When my dad traveled, we had to wait for his call to inform us that he reached the destination safe and sound. It sounds ...

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You're screwed

When you know you're screwed

Life is so complex and there are too many ways to be screwed. We came up with only four "you're screwed" drawings for this post. We may come up with more "you're screwed" satire in the future. Caution: Please note that this post is a "you're screwed" satire. Therefore, the phrase "you're screwed" will repeat many times. "We need to talk" implies "you're screwed" The moment you hear your girlfriend saying, "Honey, we ...

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Water safety for kids

All kids enjoy playing with water. Our little one enjoys water regardless of its size --- a swimming pool or a plastic kiddie pool or even a glass of water on the floor. As much fun as it can be with water, parents need to make sure that safety precautions are always in place around water. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services lists a rich set of water safety ...

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How to connect PVC to Poly pipe

Connecting PVC to a poly pipe is not as difficult as it sounds at first. This post uses infographics and a video to demonstrate how to connect PVC to Poly pipe. Such connections are sometimes required for garden irrigation. Most domestic outdoor water lines are PVC pipes, which normally do not bend much. Poly pipes are becoming popular for irrigation DIY because they bend well and they are easy to ...

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Some of our subscribers asked, who among two of us writes the articles. The answer is, both of us write. The way how we manage the writing is as follows: one of us takes the lead of one article and the other spouse provides an extensive review of that article. We select the lead of an article based on our topic of interest. What does our son do? He is basically the inspiration of this family blog!

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