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Weekend expectations

Because both of us have full-time jobs outside home, not everything is well-maintained in the home-front. Dear Husband could care less about the lack of tidiness in a home, but my world is driven by visual input. I see things scattered all over the home and my mental to-do list starts growing. Well, now that I am thinking, Dear husband also has strong opinion about things left on counter-tops! He ...

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Alcohol while breastfeeding

Really? I said “Really” but I get it. There are times when depression kicks in easily after childbirth. Mind wants to take a little rest as well as the body. I do not drink. Therefore, alcohol was not a problem for me when I was breastfeeding Dear Son. In this article, I am documenting my two cents collected from the million-cents of the internet regarding alcohol consumption while breastfeeding. Does alcohol ...

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Veggie-Tuna-Shrimp soup recipe

I love to cook. Dear Wife also loves to cook. Over time, her expertise has grown well in the dessert area while mine has extended in the main dish area. When we invite friends or colleagues at our place for dinner or a weekend-lunch, they cordially thank Dear Wife after the main dish. Guests realize something is wrong when Dear Wife starts beaming. Societal assumptions of females being in charge ...

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Survey: Why should women join the STEM fields?

STEM refers to academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We have seen many discussions over the last few years on why there are so few women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Implicit bias, stereotypical threats, social force including bullying in school, family responsibilities, and many other factors have been already identified and discussed as the reasons of why there are so few women in the STEM disciplines. ...

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Why I wake up early

Well. They say, you cannot win every battle in life. Hmm... now that I am rethinking, I do not think anyone said that you cannot win every battle. Rather, the saying is --- Some battles are not worth fighting. If we would like to reach workplace by 8am, we should leave home by 7am given that there are three schools on our way. Yes, planning the route to avoid school ...

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The battle of breakfast

Mornings are busy times. Both of us work, so we leave home early. With a pre-scholar on board, the rush is real. Today, I (Dear Mom of Dear Son) am going to share our breakfast battle.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, we can give so little time to it. Over the years, we found some ways of making breakfast a tad bit easier. We have a ...

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How to create a blog from scratch

Well nothing in this world can be started from scratch ... 🙂 You know what I mean; everything has some parts already done. I would like to create a blog; what would I do? I asked Dear Wife last year, when I felt that I would like to write about my feelings, about anything I would like. Dear Wife is a vivid reader and follower of the blog-world, which I ...

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Cinderella-Ballerina-Rapunzel or Spiderman-Batman-Superman?

I, Dear Mom or Dear Wife of Settle in El Paso team, attended a workshop on the International Women's Day that discussed interesting points about gender stereotypes. I would like to share some of those items. Interpretation of the word 'No' When told ‘No’, men and women have different ways of interpreting the word. Women usually interpret it as ‘No, you are not worth it’, ‘No, you are a failure’. Men, on ...

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Some of our subscribers asked, who among two of us writes the articles. The answer is, both of us write. The way how we manage the writing is as follows: one of us takes the lead of one article and the other spouse provides an extensive review of that article. We select the lead of an article based on our topic of interest. What does our son do? He is basically the inspiration of this family blog!

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