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The gift of being there

This is dear wife. We have been married for a while. Before getting married, I was a person passionate about giving gifts. I loved picking out gifts for the people who meant a lot in my life. I liked to show my gratitude through gifts. Likewise, I also expected gifts in special occasion. Things did not change a lot after I got married. For special days, like birthday, or valentine’s ...

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What to do if you smell gas odor in your home

Well... Natural gas cannot be smelled in its original form because it is odorless. Gas companies add some chemical compounds that are harmless but have a sulfur-like odor so that we can recognize possible gas hazards. We smelled such an odor in our home last evening. We immediately opened the windows and doors and then called the emergency line (800-700-2443) of the Texas Gas Service. A lady picked up the ...

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Healthy food for kids

Dear Son's food behavior seems to be highly motivated by what Dear Mom ate when she was pregnant. Dear Son does not like those items much that Dear Mom did not eat regularly when Dear Son was being cooked inside the tummy. 🙂 He is currently four. We have been trying to give him varieties of food since he was one. However, we are not focusing much on varieties of ...

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Parachuter from the North Franklin Mountain

Living near the North Franklin Mountain of El Paso has been an excitement for us. Last weekend, we saw two skydivers parachuting and gracefully landing at the bottom of the mountain. We were having our afternoon tea and enjoying the mountain-view. We noticed a bird, which in a few minutes appeared to be a parachute. We quickly got a camera, which is nothing extraordinary but our cell phone (iPhone 6). ...

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Embracing death gracefully: the changed perspective

As we said in another post, we had a month-long trip to our parents and relatives. It was amazing, especially for Dear Son. During this trip, I realized a strength of my family that I considered a dark side for a long time. It is about how my family deals with death of a family member. By my family I mean my mother, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins. My father ...

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Magoffin Home State Historic Site

Happy new year! It has been some time since we published our last post. We know that our readers are damn worried without any post from us. Bazinga 🙂 ... we are kidding. I am sure no one noticed that we have not posted anything in a while. Anyway, we are kind of having a month-long vacation. We are visiting our families and relatives. This is something we do almost ...

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Thanksgiving parade in El Paso

Legend has it that the Thanksgiving Parade in El Paso was previously a New Year's Day Parade. I said "Legend has it", not because the information is mystical but because I like the sound of the phrase "Legend has it". 🙂 Actually, it is a historical fact that the town of El Paso arranged the parade on New Year's day from 1936 to 1978. The parade was scheduled on the ...

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Some toys that worked well for Dear Son

Dear Husband has been diligently writing for this blog. While we do most of the activities together, there are areas where one of us has no clue how the other one does things. For example, I do not know what magic Dear Husband uses to keep Dear Son so calm and composed. When I am around, Dear Son whines, cries, demands, climbs, and clings onto me. Anything ridiculous I can ...

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Some of our subscribers asked, who among two of us writes the articles. The answer is, both of us write. The way how we manage the writing is as follows: one of us takes the lead of one article and the other spouse provides an extensive review of that article. We select the lead of an article based on our topic of interest. What does our son do? He is basically the inspiration of this family blog!

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