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How to remove location information from your photos

Smartphones, most of the times by default, add location information with photos taken by the phone-camera. You may prefer to remove the location information before uploading them to Facebook page or to any other social media. Now the question is how do we remove location information from photos. Can I see the location information of a photo using a computer? Definitely. You can right click the image file on a Mac, select ...

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Who is Settle in El Paso

How to hide your identity when you are blogging anonymously

Well … it is hard nowadays. There are many things that will reveal a blogger’s identity. For example, writing your own name in the blog will reveal your identity! Just kidding. A common one is, writing your real name during an email communication. I did that a few times --- I wrote my name in some emails that I sent to a few fellow bloggers. I am not worried about that ...

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Teacher appreciation week

Dear Son's daycare (Pre-K) center is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. The daycare has become his second family in the last few years. Since Dear Son was five months old, he is staying with his teachers during the daytime of weekdays. That is, Dear Son spends most of his conscious times with his teachers during weekdays. Teachers are his family.When is the teacher appreciation day?In USA, it is on Tuesday, May ...

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Wish of an introvert blogger

I am an introvert but do not worry... I will not bite you. You do not have to fix me either. For a long long time, from my childhood through adulthood, I thought that being an introvert is a disorder (I probably did not think that it is a disorder, rather I thought that it is a bad thing). Dear Son is growing up and I am noticing that he is ...

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Intersex babies --- I have to take care of God's creation

We wake up in the morning. We get ready for the day. We go to work. We sometimes talk about Obamacare with colleagues. Sometimes we talk about Trump. Sometimes we talk about vampier movies. Sometimes we feel bored. We cry out --- I need a vacation. Have we ever considered that we are super-blessed? People of most countries do not even know what a health insurance is. One article ...

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How to blur the background of a photo

I am not a good photographer. I should rephrase to make it clearer --- I know nothing about photography. The blurry backgrounds of photographs always amaze me. I know how to do that using iPhone's macro thingy. 🙂 I know that DSLR camera could give me such natural romantic-blurry-dreamy pictures but I am not into DSLR yet. No way I am going to spend that much money without knowing anything ...

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Caffeine during pregnancy

While an embryo/fetus is still developing, maternal nutrition is very important, especially considering that some of the products that adults consume can be very damaging to the baby’s health whilst in the uterus and later on in life. When Dear Son was in the tummy, I avoided all sorts of caffeine regardless of the source --- coffee, chocolate, or even an innocent cup of tea. It was a tough thing ...

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Parenting: the power and peril of setting boundaries

As you know, we are a family of three. We did not have a good idea about parenting. I (Dear Mom) thought I will grow an ‘instinct’, a ‘motherly instinct’ to be precise, with the birth of Dear Son. That did happen; Dear Son’s cry would trigger a primitive sense of panic unlike anything else I have ever experienced. Other than that, there was an astounding level of non-instincts. I ...

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Some of our subscribers asked, who among two of us writes the articles. The answer is, both of us write. The way how we manage the writing is as follows: one of us takes the lead of one article and the other spouse provides an extensive review of that article. We select the lead of an article based on our topic of interest. What does our son do? He is basically the inspiration of this family blog!

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