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Sight words to develop children's reading skills

Sight words play a major role in developing children's reading skills. It is a common practice that early learning centers, Pre-K, and kindergarten classes give some levels of efforts on teaching sight words to children. We are happy to find that all elementary schools under the El Paso Independent School District stress a lot on sight words in kindergarten. Dear Son is going to one of the elementary schools in this school district. The expectation of how many sight words a child should be familiar with in his/her age varies between school to school. Children can learn many more sight words than the expectations listed by schools, through playful learning. Playful learning is stressless for children as well as parents. This page contains some affiliate links. We will receive an advertising fee for items purchased through any affiliate link on this page ...

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Childhood obesity assessment and prevention

This is one of our awareness posts. This time the topic is --- Childhood obesity and overweight. Childhood obesity between ages 2 to 19 in the United States is concerning. More than 12 million children and teenagers in USA suffer from obesity, which is around 17% of the population between ages 2 and 19. That means, if you go to an elementary, a junior, or a high school, you are highly likely to see one out of five kids with excessive weight. Why is childhood obesity a concern? The answer is simple. Children with overweight are highly likely to remain overweight when they will grow up. Obesity damages physical and emotional health. Some examples are as follows. Hypertension Hypertension is actually high blood pressure. Headache, tension, restlessness are some of the symptoms, whereas hypertension can even go unnoticed. Regular checkup will detect high blood ...

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How to improve reading skills of children

Five foundational reading skills --- phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension --- are known to be crucial in early learning. While daycares, preschools, and kindergarten classes focus a lot on helping children improve reading skills, a major part of this particular development depends on the reading culture of the family. Especially, the fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension aspects of reading skills require practice in a cozy and playful environment at home. What can we really do to improve reading skills of a child? This is what this post is about --- what can we do to improve reading skills. The post contains Amazon affiliate links. That means, if you purchase anything using any of the links, we will receive an advertising incentive from Amazon, with no additional cost from your side. Start early Introduce your child to alphabets early. Each little one is ...

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How to determine anxiety level

Worries come as a byproduct when families have children. Of course, family photos on the social media only portray the happiness (well ... most of them). Anxiety is latent. Will my child be bullied in his kinder class? or will Dear Son eat lunch? Or, will he go potty in school or will I find his pants wet when I pick him up from school? Things like these are completely absent in anyone's social media even though such anxiety is an integral part of who we are. At times, I worry so much that I wanted to do some research (I mean Google search) on excessive anxiety. This post is based on what I found regarding anxiety, a feeling that all parents of all times have experienced. Well, if all parents of all times felt anxiety, then it should be a ...

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Why I love visiting New Mexico Museum of Space History

Living in El Paso, Texas has the charm of being close to many attractions. Not that we are travel-addict --- rather quite the contrary. Going here and there around helps charging up for some days. Moreover, Dear Son needs to see things, create memories, and gather some tales to tell for the future. That being said, long drives irritate Dear Son and probably all five-year-old kids. Although long drives are becoming better as Dear Son is growing up, we make sure to prepare well when we go for a day-long drive. Anyway, this post is not about travel preparation. Rather it is a story of a travel to a nearby place from our home. New Mexico Museum of Space History is in Alamogordo, News Mexico and is only around 96 miles from our place in El Paso. It is a less-than-two-hours’ ...

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Will you get what you pay for the new Tailwind Tribe?

It is hard to answer if we will get what we would pay for the new Tailwind Tribe. Sorry, I started without a context, which is not polite. Please allow me to describe. What is Tailwind? Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler: tailwindapp.com . Many bloggers use it to keep their Pinterest profile active. Regular pinning gives some sort of weights and pins that are linked to your blog posts start to start to attract traffic from Pinterest. I have tested and observed that Pinterest helps increase traffic but this post is not about how I may grow my traffic using Pinterest. Therefore, I will stick to the topic of Tailwind Tribes. Life is busy. We do not have time to use Pinterest everyday. Therefore, many bloggers choose to use a scheduler to do the pinning automatically. Many prefer to schedule pins ...

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Pumpkin/squash blossom stir-fry recipe

Texan cuisine has been influenced by many cultures. Among all the Texan cuisines, Tex-Mex cuisine is quite common and popular in the El Paso region. A seasonal Tex-Mex delicacy is pumpkin or squash blossom. One of the reasons why I look forward to the pumpkin season and the pumpkin fest is the availability of pumpkin flowers. In case you are wondering --- yes pumpkin and squash blossoms are edible. Squash or pumpkin blossoms can be served on a dinner table in many forms --- fried, baked, or even in the form of a quesadilla. I am providing a simple stir-fry recipe in this post. When stir-fried, squash/pumpkin blossom is savory. It has a hint of zucchini or green calabacitas. Stir-fried squash/pumpkin blossoms can be served with steamed rice or tortilla. Ingredients Pumpkin/squash blossoms --- 25 to 30 flowers Jalapeño --- 1 count, ...

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Five most annoying greetings

Greetings have emerged from Hi, Hello, Good morning, Good day, to many types of expressions in modern days. Not sure if many of the modern greetings were there a few decades ago. Some of these are really annoying greetings. This post outlines some of the annoying greetings, I feel I should talk about. 🙂 What's up Really? What is up or down --- is this even a question to ask? I really get pissed-off when someone greets me with What's up. Did you mean, what is happening in my life? What aspects of my life do you really want to know? Are you a close friend of mine who may ask what is going on in my life? I get super annoyed if someone who is not a close friend or a family greets me with What's up. Haven't seen you in ...

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Some of our subscribers asked, who among two of us writes the articles. The answer is, both of us write. The way how we manage the writing is as follows: one of us takes the lead of one article and the other spouse provides an extensive review of that article. We select the lead of an article based on our topic of interest. What does our son do? He is basically the inspiration of this family blog!

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