Pregnancy, childbirth, and raising an infant

Pregnancy, childbirth, and raising an infant

It is all about taking charge. Taking charge of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting decisions is sometimes quite frightening. Therefore, take all the help you can get. 🙂 Speaking of help, this page lists all the the maternity-related posts we have written so far. We try to answer questions like, what was the run-down for the “before” part of childbirth? What are the common pregnancy symptoms? Which prenatal vitamins and folic acid are important before and during pregnancy? Or, how frequently did we go for a prenatal checkup during pregnancy? What kind of training classes parents should enroll in? Do we have enough information regarding natural childbirth and C-section? Is the car-seat we are thinking about good enough for an infant?

The articles also cover baby feeding strategies including how to help a baby burp. What are the common reactions of parents toward spitting and vomiting of an infant. How is the sleep cycle in the fourth trimester? Or, even simple questions like how frequently should the diapers be changed?

find time for yourself with a new baby. #newbaby #selfcare #mommy #mommytime #mommycare

5 Ways to Find Time for Yourself with a New Baby

Mommies struggling to sneak in some me-time is not new. I’m pretty sure cave-women faced the same emotions and struggles when they had a baby. There wasn’t much to be done about it sixty thousand years ago. But it’s 21st century now and we can certainly tweak our super tight schedule a bit to get some time off babysitting. There’s ...
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Taking good care of mommy is essential at all times to ensure good care of the baby. #Pregnancy #child #baby #family #momcare #formom

Pregnancy: Taking Good Care of Mom is Taking Good Care of Baby

Today's article is a generous contribution from Jackie Edwards, a freelance researcher and editor, who is passionate about writing on family lifestyle. In the article below, Jackie focuses on explaining the importance of good care for mom during pregnancy. You've got the happy test results, you've got the glow, now what are you going to do to prepare for the ...
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Is caffeine safe for the baby during pregnancy? If yes, how much caffeine is safe at that time? #caffeine #pregnancy #pregnancycare #maternity

Caffeine during pregnancy

Maternal nutrition is very important while an embryo/fetus is still developing. Parents need to take extra caution considering that some of the products adults consume can be damaging to the baby’s health whilst in the uterus and later on in life. I avoided all sorts of caffeine when Dear Son was in the tummy. I avoided all sources of caffeine ...
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Does Alcohol Increase Breastmilk Production?

Alcohol while breastfeeding

Really? I said “Really” but I get it. There are times when depression kicks in easily after childbirth. The mind wants to take a little rest as well as the body. I do not drink. Therefore, alcohol was not a problem for me when I was breastfeeding Dear Son. In this article, I am documenting my two cents collected from ...
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Online resources on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. #babies #mom #pregnancy #parenting

Online resources for pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting

Resources are abundant on the Internet. We nowadays jump to the internet before speaking with anyone about anything. Our search spans from searching for housing to finding online reviews to doing extensive research for educational materials to why our baby has dark poop. We searched for many items related to our child over the last few years. I (Dear Mom) scrolled through many of those sites ...
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Going through postpartum depression is difficult. You need family support. #Postpartum #depression #mom #ForMom

My postpartum depression and challenges

In one of our last posts under the maternity category, we listed baby-related activities including feeding, burping, and sleeping. In reality, the childbirth experience has a great many dimensions. There are so many different angles of this experience that it is difficult to explain. It is most certainly like trying to understand what an elephant looks like only by touching parts ...
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What to do and expect in the hospital during childbirth

It sounded so easy, such a fun, when we heard about others having babies. In practice, it is difficult, and of course stressful, we admit. However, it is as exciting as it gets and worth every bit of stress. We thought we would use an infographic representation of what to do during the three-days stay at the hospital. This is ...
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Must knows for the fourth trimester (after childbirth)

A few items to keep in mind after childbirth

We stared this discussion in a previous post. Our second post in this sequel covers the "after childbirth" part. Before I continue with this episode related to the “after” part of childbirth, here are a few more items that I should have mentioned in the previous episode: 🙂
  • Mom needs enough calcium during pregnancy. Calcium is necessary for building bones of ...
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A few important items to keep in mind during pregnancy

A few things to do when you’re pregnant

I was taking driving lessons a long time ago. Let’s just say the person giving me the lesson was the instructor. Instructor: Before changing a lane, you need to look at the rear view mirror. Now, look at the mirror. Me: Ok. I did. After a while, Instructor: Sooo, what did you see? Me: A nice mirror. Instructor: Can you ...
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