Fruit parfait and vegetable bowl recipes. The article presents some fruit and vegetable recipes that children would love to eat. Ensuring five servings of fruits and vegetables daily is absolutely required for the growing body of a child. #recipes #food #fruitparfait #fruit #vegetablebowl #vegetables | Healthy Fruit parfait | Fruit parfait recipes | healthy vegetable bowl | healthy vegetable bowl recipes |

Fruit parfait and vegetable bowl recipes for children (and grownups)

We received several messages with concerns and questions after we published the article --- 5-2-1-0: Parenting rule of thumb for children’s healthy lifestyle --- a few weeks ago. Majority of the concerns are --- how will we ensure that our kids remain hydrated if we do not give them juice to drink? Another question is, ensuring five servings of fruits and vegetables is difficult; what can be done? ...
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Outdoor salad skewers and flavorful salad recipes. #recipes #outdoor #skewer #chickenskewer #ChickenSalad #salad | salad skewers healthy | healthy salad skewers | outdoor skewer recipes |

Outdoor salad recipes for the warm weather

Warm weather came early in El Paso last few years. This year, warm weather was a little shy to come even in the southwest. Still, I am pretty sure we were one of the earlier ones to enjoy the warm weather in the country. The warmer weather is allowing El Pasoans to enjoy homemade meals in the outdoors for the past few weeks. It is time to seek out recipes ...
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Deviled egg recipes. #recipe #eggrecipe #Deviledegg | Deviled egg classic | Deviled egg recipe | Deviled egg sprinkles | best Deviled egg recipes |

Deviled egg recipes perfect for a family dinner

Eggs are a great source of three nutrients --- vitamins, protein, and mineral (iron). Not too many food items cover multiple categories of nutrients out of six. Eggs in the form of an independent dish might not be served that frequently as dinner but deviled eggs receive much attention as a party dish. This article lists several recipes of deviled eggs. Given that eggs hold plenty of nutrients, let's start ...
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Ideas of sides for a Thanksgiving meal. #ThanksGiving #SidesRecipe #Recipes

Ideas of Sides for the Thanksgiving Meal

Who does not like to eat turkey meat? I don't. Despite my lack of interest in the turkey meat, Thanksgiving dinner has always been one of my favorite meals of the year for the gorgeous side dishes. Side dishes add texture, taste, and color on the plate. This article will provide some ideas of side dishes for the Thanksgiving meal. Cornbread Cornbread is something that Dear Son waits for very ...
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ideal Desserts for A Family Thanksgiving Meal. Dessert is an important part of a family meal in the holiday season, especially because desserts create memories. #dessert #recipes #thanksgiving #thanksgivingmeal #holidaydessert

Ideal Desserts for the Family Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is coming. A feeding frenzy is accompanying Thanksgiving in most families as they get together for the holiday. Thanksgiving's main focus has become the food, with many people arranging more and more elaborate meals each year. For me, dessert is the most, if not the only, important part of any great meal! When the Thanksgiving season knocks on the door, I start thinking --- what can be an ideal ...
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Healthy cooking techniques for my family. Cooking style is important in preparing healthy food. | Healthy cooking | homemade cooking | cooking | cooking styles | cooking style | cooking techniques | cooking technique | cooking techniques basic

Healthy cooking techniques for our everyday dinner

We have limited time to cook like almost all American families. Given that both of us work full-time and stay out of home most of the daytime, it is tempting to go for restaurant-food or order a pizza in the evening. Luckily, with some organization and planning, we have been able to avoid frequent consumption of pizzas and restaurant-food. A few kitchenware, in this era of modern technology, have allowed ...
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Pumpkin/squash blossom recipe (stir-fry). A delicious seasonal savory delicacy.

A squash blossom recipe

Texan cuisine has been influenced by many cultures. Among all the Texan cuisines, Tex-Mex cuisine is quite common and popular in the El Paso region. A seasonal Tex-Mex delicacy is pumpkin or squash blossom. Pumpkin or squash blossom is one of the reasons why I look forward to the squash season and the pumpkin fest. You might be able to find the blossoms in a local farmers' market. In case ...
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Tune, shrimp, and vegetable soup. A great source of protein and vitamin. #recipes #soup

Veggie-Tuna-Shrimp soup recipe

I love to cook. Dear Wife also loves to cook. Over time, her expertise has grown well in the dessert area while mine has extended in the main dish area. When we invite friends or colleagues at our place for dinner or a weekend-lunch, they cordially thank Dear Wife after the main dish. Guests realize something is wrong when Dear Wife starts beaming. Societal assumptions of females being in charge ...
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A quick shrimp dish recipe. Great for dinner. #recipes

Easy shrimp dish recipe!

Here is our easy shrimp dish recipe. We always make sure that we have a packet of raw shrimps in the freezer. This dish saved the day (or the evening) many times for us. Feel free to add some jalapeño or red chili if you like spicy hot food. We do not use too many hot spices so that Dear Son cannot find an excuse to abandon the food. 🙂 ...
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Easy flan recipe using a pressure cooker or oven. #flan #flanrecipe #recipe #mexicanflan

Easy leche flan recipe

We have been making flan time to time for quite some years! While we have shared the recipe with friends in informal discussions, we never got a chance to write the ingredients and the process down until today! The pictures we have presented in this article were taken during the labor day break. Flan can be made either using a pressure cooker or an oven. Our experience is that the ...
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