Easy shrimp dish recipe!

A quick shrimp dish recipe. Great for dinner. #recipes

Here is our easy shrimp dish recipe. We always make sure that we have a packet of raw shrimps in the freezer. This dish saved the day (or the evening) many times for us. Feel free to add some jalapeño or red chili if you like spicy hot food. We do not use too many hot spices so that Dear Son cannot find an excuse to abandon the food. 🙂


Enjoy and please let us know if you try it!
Settle in El Paso team

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7 thoughts on “Easy shrimp dish recipe!

  1. I like shrimp but I don’t eat a lot of shrimp because it costs a lot of money here. I have also never prepared shrimp myself and I always eat in restaurant or order from a restaurant (perhaps that’s why it is costing me a lot of money). I want to try this recipe, but I am not sure about some of the ingredients you have used here.

  2. This is nice. I already feel like eating the shrimp meal already. You really have a good detail of how it will be prepared.

  3. I wish I hadn’t found this post because it’s quite late and now I’m a bit hungry to have some shrimp lol. This is a great recipe and I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy it. I definitely have and now I am trying to think when I get some good fresh shrimp to make this recipe. Do you guys remove the shell or not (I couldn’t seem to find anything related to this in your post)?

  4. This is another unique, yet simple dish. We usually cook shrimp here by simply adding garlic and butter. Then the skin is not removed. This is good to try. I rarely see home made dishes fried in olive oil here. Paprika is also rarely used here. Unfortunately, I don’t see a cilantro here. Can this be replaced with spring onions? I was just thinking it will also go well with onions and garlic. Is there any chance that it will affect the taste of this recipe? This is another addition to my food experiment. Hopefully my imagination will work. I like the idea of this recipe though. My mom wants something new for our meals. I should consider suggesting this.

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