How to check if you use the permissive parenting style

Permissive parenting style is the last one in Dr. Phil’s list of parenting styles. The quiz questions of this post are directly borrowed from Dr. Phil’s parenting quiz document. The following quiz has ten questions. It will tell you what level of permissive parenting style your are using out of these four levels: high identification with the permissive style, dominant behaviors for the permissive style, average or moderate behaviors for the permissive style, or low behaviors for the permissive style.

In our previous two posts, we explained Authoritarian and Equalitarian parenting styles. The quiz in this post is for Permissive parenting style.

Permissive parents set broad boundaries for their children. Their approach is more gentle and they like to intervene only when kids are in trouble. Parents using the permissive style believe in empathy, compassion, friendship, and encouragements when dealing with a situation relevant to their children. Permissive parents allow freedom of opinions, self-improvements, and personal goal attainments. They know the cues well that will motivate the children in the right direction.

Permissive parenting style is accepting, supportive, respectful, ensuring, and motivating without exactly uttering motivational words. It encourages the child to reach self-selected goals. Sometimes this style is too lenient. It may need a long time to see the results of a permissive parenting style. 🙂

Use this quiz to check if you are a permissive parent

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4 thoughts on “How to check if you use the permissive parenting style

  1. I know i am a permissive parent. I want like my son to tell me everything, and never be ashamed of things he do and say. Our kids need to find a friend in us not only a parent.

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