Check if you are using the authoritarian parenting style

Authoritarian parenting style provides clear and inflexible rules for children. A parent sets the family goals and expectations in this parenting style. #parenting #kids #parentingstyle #Authoritarianparenting #parentingstyles
Authoritarian parenting style provides clear and inflexible rules for children. A parent sets the family goals and expectations in this parenting style. There is nothing bad about authoritarian parenting. It is just one of the three styles — Authoritarian, Equalitarian, and Permissive, as described by Dr. Phil. Authoritarian parenting is known to be decisive, efficient, assertive, task-oriented, strict, and rigid.

There are ten questions in the following quiz to identify four levels of authoritarian style: high, dominant, average, or low. These questions are prepared based on Dr. Phil’s parenting quiz.

At the end of the quiz you will be told what level of authoritarian style you demonstrate. Note again that authoritarian parenting is not a negative thing. It is just more directive. As Dr. Phil mentioned, this style leads to a better structure, which many children may need.

You will need a real browser (chrome, safari, explorer, or firefox) to play this. I do not think the WordPress App will be able to execute this interactive quiz.

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21 thoughts on “Check if you are using the authoritarian parenting style

  1. Being an authoritative parent can be cool to some extent especially when the kids are still growing, but things might not go well once such parent try to force it on grown children of theirs. Doing so might turn counterproductive at the end.

  2. Well, that sure was an interesting read. I’m not a mom yet but since I’m quite older than my younger siblings, I tend to act as a mom to them since growing up, our parents were always traveling out of town. I think authoritarian parenting style works pretty well when the focus is discipline, but I think parents should also consider allowing their kids to view them as friends so that they’ll be able to tell them their problems, when they’re in doubt of what decisions to make, or to be able to speak their mind regarding any issues. I believe that it is really important that parents and children have an open communication to be able to have a nurturing, loving, and respectful environment inside the home.

  3. Am sorry to say but I’ll have to disagree with Dr Phil. Authoritarian parenting style might not be a bad thing, but it’s definitely a bad choice. Yes, we want the best or our kids thereby placing rules on their conducts, but I don’t think it’s a healthy way of guiding them.

    I come from an authoritarian parent like the majority of people in my country. I missed out of so much when I was younger and sometimes wish to go back in time. I gave up on a lot of things I was passionate about because my parents thought it wasn’t a good enough choice for me. I love my parents and appreciate every they’ve done for me, but they went a little far. This type parenting style from my experience can do a lot of harm on kids, morally and emotionally. Am definitely not going to be an authoritarian parent when I start having kids.

  4. I am a new parent, therefore, I believe it is too early to judge my parenting. However, I took the quiz. Thankfully, I am not an authoritarian parent. Maybe because I have been a parent just for four months. When I was a child, I hated my parents because their do’s and don’ts were a pain in the as*. However, these days when I look back at my childhood, I understand that my parents were so right. I believe you should sometimes become strick towards your children in order to discipline them.

    1. Haha … don’t we all feel that our parents were right, when we look back in time? Congratulations on the baby. Have a wonderful day.

    2. That’s true. Our parents were right most of the time but not always. A lot of people say that just to make their parents feel good about the past.

  5. I believe history repeats itself. I grew up with a very strict and authoritarian parents. I have to be quick and responsive to any of the house rules being implemented. Any violation corresponds punishments. I guess this is where I get my authoritarian character to my family as well. I also believe that parents can have different approaches in handling their family which ever suites or is very much effective especially to growing kids. But then again since I grew up in an authoritarian family I still believe that having an authoritarian way is the best approach but with certain limitations. Being to strict and being to lenient aint good so moderation can be very effective in some certain ways so try assessing and put some limits in the end your goal is for the good of the family.

  6. Definitely I agree with my quiz results I am a certified “High identification with the Authoritarian style”. My dad is a soldier with a higher rank in his field. My mom is a public high school teacher. Both of them are very strict and they decide for me I have no freedom when I was living with them. I have thoughts of running away because I can’t stand them anymore. I am not allowed to go home late after school and I was trained by them to do household chores even we have maids. I do really hate them for being assertive, task-oriented and strict. Despite of all that, I maintain to be a good daughter and show respect to them maybe I was afraid of them.

    Now that I have my own family, I realize that they were just protective and they do really know what is best for me. Because of the training and discipline that I’ve been through with my parents, I become responsible, respectful, and independent. Now I feel grateful the way they brought up me.

    Today, I take control of my children the way how my parents control me but sometimes I consider the advice of my husband not to be too strict and assertive considering that the behavior of millennial children nowadays are quite different compare to 70’s and 80’s children which is quite true.

    1. So true. Don’t we all realize it later that our parents were great? ? I agree every generation has something different. Therefore the style of parenting will vary a little (or lot, I am not sure ?) .

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. High identification with the Authoritarian style. That is my result after taking the test. Maybe I have a strong guide of values from my parents. I do like to be in the side of righteousness. I don’t want my children to end up in a miserable life. I take responsibility on everything my family needs and wants. I can be lenient sometimes.

  8. I was raised by both authoritarian and lenient parents. My dad is authoritarian, he likes everyone to obey his rules and he makes all of the rules. It was frustrating and his attitude drives his children away from him. The good thing about it is that hard-headed kids are likely to follow and be good due to fear of being punished.
    My mom on the other hand is lenient at all times. Very opposite to my dad. So when we want to go out with friends, we always go and ask her instead of my Dad.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. It seems your family had the balance. Sometimes, balance is all that is required for a family.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  9. I don’t like the authoritative style of parenting, I think my father used this style and we the kids hated it with passion.I think being firm as a parent is better that. being harsh.

    Well,If it works for others fine and good but for me, I don’t like the idea.

    1. I guess many people see authoritative parenting style as parents being very strict and rigid to their children and they won’t be able to freely express their thoughts and opinions to their own parents, which is obviously very sad since how will they be able to guide their children properly if they’re not willing to listen to them?

  10. I love these cute quizzes. They’re very fun and easy to do 🙂 anyway, I got the result: Low behaviors for the Authoritarian style

    I am not surprised by it because I have already confirmed on your other post that I belong to the permissive parenting style. I definitely agree that the authoritarian style isn’t for me. I am not strict enough.

    Looking back though, I believe that my mother would fit this style of parenting. She was always really, really strict with us, the kids. She had a set of rules and if you broke them you knew that there will always be a punishment. But she was always very fair. She never went over board with the strictness and she made sure that we knew how much she loves us.

    1. Thank you for taking the quiz. I love it how your mom raised you and your siblings. I think my mom would fall into the same category. To our lovely moms. Best regards.

  11. It is not even appropriate to be too hard or harsh on the kids. Read on being they are impressionable and most wrongs they did are done innocently. More so they require patience for them to understand things because they are at learning stage so being authoritative will not benefit both parent and the kids.
    But after taking the quiz, I am fair enough in my parenting method but I must add, kids sometimes require to see some level of authority in the parents.

    1. There is nothing wrong about authoritative parenting as long as the authoritativeness is demonstrated through love and passion. I totally agree with you. Thank you.

  12. I am sure that I have my reasons. I am quite a lenient parent but having done the quiz, I might have to agree. I’m old school. I was raised by baby boomers and older. I’m Filipino Catholic! I’m an overachiever. I’m a Type A, obsessive-compulsive perfectionist! BUT, I do spoil kids and I can be a friend, until they start thinking I’m like their friends. 🙂 Thanks for the quiz. It’s enlightening.

    1. Haha 🙂 Some parents told me that their style was detected as equalitarian as authoritarian by two different quizzes. That makes perfect sense. We cannot really separate sides of our personality. The quizzes just give us some items to think about. Thank you for visiting and writing a detailed comment.

    2. I agree to that Anne. I am also raised by authoritarian parents and I believe that is what I am today. But there are some instances that we have to be firm and at the same time lenient. Depending solely on the situation. At the end of the day parent have one thing in mind having their kids going through that straight path and grow a good citizen to the community.

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