Teacher appreciation week

Dear Son’s daycare (Pre-K) center is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. The daycare has become his second family in the last few years. Since Dear Son was five months old, he is staying with his teachers during the daytime of weekdays. That is, Dear Son spends most of his conscious times with his teachers during weekdays. Teachers are his family.

When is the teacher appreciation day?

In USA, it is on Tuesday, May 9 in 2017. Different countries have different designated days for appreciating teachers. Wikipedia has a long list of teachers’ days in all countries. In some countries, the teacher appreciation day is a holiday. The summary is that all countries recognize how important the role of a teacher is in building a society.

History of the teacher appreciation day

In USA, it is the Tuesday of the first full week of May. According to National Education Association (NEA), the discussion of a national day recognizing the efforts of women and men who dedicated themselves in giving education started around 1944. The discussions started after Mattie Whyte Woodridge (1909–1999), an African American teacher in Arkansas, corresponded with political leaders about the necessity of a national day to recognize the contributions the teachers make to society.

After a long time and many more discussions, Congress declared March 7, 1980 as National Teacher Day but for that year only. NEA celebrated the day for the next four years on March 7. In 1985, NEA Representative Assembly decided to move the Teacher Appreciation Day to Tuesday of the first full week of May. Since then, USA celebrates the teacher appreciation day on that day every year.

Activities related to Teacher Appreciation Day

From parents and kids, even a mere thanks would mean a lot. Parents and kids sometimes come up with gift ideas for teachers. Some schools and daycares arrange gatherings to celebrate the day.

National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organizes local as well as national events to celebrate and recognize the contributions teachers make. Many of these events arrange recognition awards and grants for teachers and school administrators.

Barack Obama visited a pre-kindergarten classroom on May 17, 2013. I found the picture online and could not resist the temptation of sharing it with you. By the way, President Obama was a popular teacher as mentioned in the Business Insider website.

Mother’s day and teacher appreciation week

Mother’s day is on May 14th, which is a Sunday this year. Therefore, in terms of pre-kindergarten school activities, Mother’s day (week) and teacher appreciation week this year are overlapping. I wonder how exciting it would be for a mother, who is also a teacher, to be reminded by all her students as well as her own kids about how much they love her, in the same week.

How do we celebrate Dear Son’s teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week?

We keep it simple. We purchase pens, pencils, photo frames, mugs, and give these items to every teacher, administrator, and staff of Dear Son’s daycare center. Sometimes we make gift-cards. It is not the gift items teachers look forward to, rather it is the recognition, appreciation, and love they appreciate the most.

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10 thoughts on “Teacher appreciation week

  1. How wonderful of you to put together gifts for your son’s teachers and the staff members! I know that they are so thankful. I saved cards and gifts that children gave to me the entire 18 years of my teaching career! I have them safely tucked away in large plastic tubs…I know that it sounds crazy! in fact, I have the cards that my class gave me last June when I retired! They are in my computer desk!!
    Pat Davis recently posted…Franklin the Turtle. His Mother’s Day Gift. The Best!My Profile
    1. Such a lovely comment! In fact, I kept my fingers crossed to see your comment on this post. 😀 It is not strange at all that you kept all the tokens of love and appreciation you received during your teaching career, rather this is very thoughtful and lovely. I appreciate your visit and comment on this post. Wish you a wonderful rest of the week.
    1. Oh, yes, absolutely! This is something like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day! We, as adults, really do not tell our parents everyday that we love them. Each occasion is good as a reminder because we forget to appreciate everyone of our life everyday. I completely agree teachers are to appreciate all the times.
  2. So thankful for teachers! This is awesome! Mine are still to young for school but we try to acknowledge their church teachers and other people who care for them. Great information!
    1. So glad to know that you liked the info. You ate absolutely right—appreciation may start from very early stage. Dear Son is not yet in a regular school; he is four and going to a day care, where they have preK setting. I am completely with you; We acknowledge all the care Dear Son is receiving. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a wonderful evening.

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