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We are extremely sorry to say that we cannot text and drive anymore. It really surprises us why state governments do not realize the necessity of being tech-savvy in everyday life. Texting and driving (at the same time) is one of the most tech-savvy activities that has driven millennials as well as modern adults of this century. Texas was, so far, known to be one of the states that recognized the necessity of texting and driving. Damn it … Texting and driving will be considered illegal from September 1st, 2017 even in Texas. Here goes our freedom of texting and driving, multitasking, and being so cool.

This post describes a few ways of how we, the cool tech-savvy community, may survive this disaster of texting & driving ban. All the following methods can be applied hands-free. Therefore, their use should be legal. However, we strongly suggest that users consult a lawyer before implementing these methods. The authors of this post do not guarantee any safety or legal consequences of the methods.

All the following methods have one feature in common — you will have limited capability of typing. You will only be reading your incoming text messages safely. It is strongly recommended that you pull over if you need to type a message. However, you may type a few words without pulling over if you feel that no law enforcement officer is around, but again, the risk is all yours.

Driver-head mounts for smart phones

Driver-head mount for smart phones. This mount is only for smart phones, not for tablets.

Driver-head mount is a simple sophisticated device designed to attach a smartphone with the head of the driver. The phone is tightly mounted on a synthetic rubber stand, which is strongly attached to a head-band as illustrated in the figure. Although it is possible to mount tablets with this stand, we strongly recommended that only smartphones be used while driving. Tablets may increase the risk by obstructing the street-view even though we know that many people can drive fine without having a direct view of the road. It is alright to mount tablets, including iPad and Galaxy Tabs, while jogging or walking.

Cons: Users may experience headache after using the mount on their head for an extended period of time. We are sure that scientists will discover the optimal number of hours one may keep the device attached to the head without any health issues, when the device will be commercially produced.

Another drawback of this mount is that it may be difficult to type text messages while driving. The headband may become loose when typing a text message, especially when driving at a high speed.

Smart steering wheelβ€”phone mounting device

Steering-wheel phone mount is a technology that places the phone on the steering wheel, which is the closest to where people keep their phones for traditional texting & driving. Smart steering wheel mounting keeps the street-view unobstructed. It will let the user text and drive with an ease, without any necessity of taking the arms off the wheel.

Smart steering wheel-phone mount. Allows to keep the phone closer to fingertips.

Cons: Compared to the other approaches, the number of risk-factors of texting and driving seem to be lesser with the smart steering wheelβ€”phone mounting device. Inefficient texters may complain about the steering wheel mounts but such texters complain about any kind of texting and driving. Therefore, disregarding their complains will be the best policy to support the Renaissance of texting and driving.

Rearview mount for smart phones

Rearview mount is a sophisticated device that may carry both cell phones and tablets. The owner will mount the gadget with the sturdy mount, which will be attached to the rearview mirror. The following sketch demonstrates this elegant solution to the texting and driving ban problem.

Rearview mount. An elegant solution for clear text message view and possible texting (when allowed). Suitable for both smart phones and tablets.

Cons: Inefficient texters may report difficulty in typing text messages while driving at a high speed. We are pretty sure, even such inefficient texters will admit that the mount is great in using the smartphone as a GPS.

Windshield screen messenger on custom Tesla

Tesla is making full self-driving cars. If someone has a Tesla self-driving car, he/she may text and drive when the car is on self-driving mode. We are not sure if law would prohibit the driver from texting when the car is driving by itself because technically the human-driver is not the driver but the car is the driver when the car is on autopilot.

Anyway, we cannot afford a Tesla. Therefore, we are not much worried about it at this point. Yet, we have something more innovative than the previous ideas for Tesla-like smart cars. The idea is reflected in the following figure.

A windshield messenger-enabled custom smart car. The user can view the text messages on the windshield. It is not possible to type text messages but with smart voice active systems like Siri, it is possible to type without physically typing anything.

One may customize the windshield of a smart car before purchasing it. The windshield will be able to display all messages and notifications from the cellphone. This is something like the sci-fi movies where there are transparent glasses on which techy texts appear and blink. A self-driving capacity with this windshield screen messenger will be a perfect millennial combination. Typing on the windshield may sound a little inconvenient at first but it is possible to write text messages without typing by using a smart phone’s voice recognition software. πŸ™‚

Cons: This technology will be expensive. We are not sure if Tesla will be willing to make such windshields either. Elon Musk is great. He might like the idea. If you are lucky, he might even install such windshields on the spaceship for manned Mars mission.

Motorcycle mounting device for texting and driving

We do not know if motorcyclists text when they drive. It sounds too risky. Anyway, our innovative ideas are not limited to regular four-wheel vehicles. The ideas cover motorcycles as well. Please take a look at the following picture that demonstrates how a motorcyclist may mount a cellphone on a two-wheeler.

Phone-mounting device for motorcycles. A flexible solution to help motorcyclists text while driving.

The cell phone will be mounted on the front side of the motorcycle. The stands should be flexible. The motorcyclist will be able to tilt the phone to the left or to the right to keep street-views unobstructed.

Cons: This mounting device is safe mostly for enjoying incoming text messages. While it is possible to send text messages with slightly increased risk, we recommend that the user avoids typing text messages. By the way, sending a text message is risky with our without a mounting device when driving a motorcycle. This implies that not being able to type a text message is not a limitation of this proposed mounting technology. Rather, it is the limitation of motorcycles.

Concluding remarks:
Texting while driving is under no circumstances an acceptable activity. It risks the lives of others on the street who are relying on your driving skill, efficiency, and kindness.

Please notice that we have published this post under Awareness and Comedy and sarcasm categories. We observe people texting and driving almost everyday. Do you notice that many drivers are doing that? Please feel free to share any relevant experience in the comment section.

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    1. I appreciate the offer but we are planning on commercializing this technology after filing the patent. We will contact you once we are ready to accept sponsors. πŸ™‚ You will be at the top of our sponsors’ list.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting!

  1. I Am surprised when a car driver is not using hij cell phone.

    Even the same law is already existenting in the Netherlands.

    Kind regards,

    1. Haha … it has become a norm to use cellphones while driving (sadly).

      Thank you for telling us about the driving and texting ban in the Netherlands. I appreciate your visit. Have a wonderful week.

    1. 😬🀐 without the innovative designs we described in this post, I wouldn’t suggest texting and blogging while driving (especially not on an interstate). πŸ˜‰ Thank you for visiting and commenting! Have a wonderful and safe day. πŸ˜‰
    1. Hmm. Well … reading books πŸ“š might be off limit by law as long as it is hands-free. I think it is not clearly mentioned anywhere. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for visiting and commenting!
  2. Driver-head mounts for smart phonesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜© this can’t be serious that would be something else.

    Love always,


  3. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to laugh at this, but damn it you stole many laughs from me. Seriously!
    Take my money, and give me that! I will certainly present my boyfriend with that Tec.
    You gained a follower.
    Keep up the great work!
    1. Haha πŸ˜‚. I am happy to know that you liked the high techs. We will let you know as soon as these techs are in the market. Thanks for the follow.
  4. Clever! My state now labels rest stops as text stops – at least the rest stops near my home have signs that say “text stop”. My two year old car reads and responds to texts for you when driving, if you feel it necessary. So, how do we get people to stop applying make up, or reading newspapers while driving?
    1. That is funny πŸ˜‚ but Text Stop is a perfect name as well. A toddler responder of text messages is a smart πŸ€“ idea. Applying makeup, reading newspapers, and eating breakfast need further attention, we agree. I guess, we need more innovative devices to help people do these things safely while driving. 😎 Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a wonderful day.
  5. Great post…great humor about a serious subject! I wanted to let you all know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! You have a wonderful blog! The details on the award are on my newest post. Have a wonderful and fun day!
    1. We thought that the awareness message would be portrayed better through the humor. I am glad to know that you liked the post. I appreciate your visit and comment. We are honored by the Liebster Award nomination. Many many thanks. You too have a wonderful day.
  6. I like your post, but i must agree with state governments decision. This can save lives. I saw may tragedies that took places because using the phone (texting or not) driving.
    1. We too agree with the state. This is a humor-post to discourage texting and driving. I completely agree with you. The phone should be away while driving. Thank you for visiting and providing a valuable comment.
    1. I am glad to know that you found the post funny. Yes, I drew them on paper and then took pictures of them using the phone-camera. Thanks for your kind words.

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