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I am an introvert but do not worry… I will not bite you. You do not have to fix me either.

For a long long time, from my childhood through adulthood, I thought that being an introvert is a disorder (I probably did not think that it is a disorder, rather I thought that it is a bad thing). Dear Son is growing up and I am noticing that he is going a lot after me. He has shown me that introverts are lovable and adorable. Of course, otherwise there was no way Dear Wife would have said “yes” many years ago. 🙂

Introverts are perfectly normal human beings

Hah … Who defined that extroverts are normal? Psychologists, doctors, or extroverts? If the number of extroverts is greater than the number of introverts than the definition of being normal is already biased. Introverts are simply not outgoing people.

An introvert’s comfort-zone

Introverts do not feel comfortable in crowds. Is this because crowds have too many extrovert people? I really do not know. However, I know that I feel comfortable in some crowds. Most of the times, I do not feel comfortable in a crowd that is occasionally called a “party”.

Am I afraid that I will be bullied? Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because there might be too many extrovert people who would bully me. Sometimes, I do not feel comfortable because extrovert people will not allow me to speak. They will ask me a question but won’t bother to hear what I am going to say. They will complete my sentences with their words. It has happened many times before that some people completed my sentences and later claimed that I said this. I had to correct them that I never said that. I had to remind them that they completed my sentence with what they thought I would say.

Am I afraid of extrovert people? Not necessarily. I am not afraid of any nice and normal person, with whom I will be able to speak normally. I am afraid that I might have hard time speaking with any person regardless of the person being extrovert or introvert.

Am I afraid of social gatherings? If the question is, whether I am social or not, the answer is — I am 100% social like any normal human being. Being an introvert does not necessarily imply that I am unsocial. Sure, I can hold a conversation from time to time but you’ll rarely see me start one.

Are introverts angry people?
No. You can say that introverts are shy people. There can be angry introverts and there can be angry extroverts. That means, anger is not a definitive feature of an introvert neither of an extrovert. Introverts are not angry people.

What are the strengths of an introvert person?

Introverts are deep thinkers and individuals of great depth. (At least, I like to define my kind this way. 🙂 ) They enjoy one-one dialogues, which makes the Helping Profession an ideal one for them. A Helping Profession nurtures growth and addresses problems related to well-being. Helping Professions include education, medicine, counseling, nursing, social work, and coaching. It does not mean that extroverts do not like these jobs. I am just saying that I, as an introvert, will enjoy such jobs.

Introverts love quiet reflection and enjoy time with their family. Introverts have large hearts and care greatly about individuals. They’ll go the additional miles to help someone in pain.

Introverts can be the best marketers. Because introverts are good at one-to-one conversations and their care is reflected in their communication, clients love to return to them. This makes introverts the best marketers in many industries. If I need to purchase another car someday, I will go back to the sales representative from whom I purchased my current car. I am saying that an introvert sales person may generate a lot of referral and possibilities for her/his organization.

What are the weaknesses of introverts?

Introverts are not good at self-advertising. Introverts are good at training themselves to secure any skill including advertising. Once an Introvert gets to the swing of advertising, they are likely to enjoy it and feel fairly comfortable with it. However, introverts may frequently slow down and even stop advertising, if they do not feel that advertising is an absolute necessity.

Introverts can struggle to expand their networks. Introverts have hard time expanding their social boundary. So far, I did not have any problem because Dear Wife is in charge of the network-expansion department.

Introverts sometimes encounter considerable anxiety in some crowds. When introverts think about advertising their work in public, they often encounter considerable anxiety. Introverts imagine having to make inane dialogue with people they do not know and the thought sometimes makes them nervous.

What is an introvert’s wish?

There are many wishes. First, I wish people knew how much we love people. Second, I wish people understood that just because we are not talking does not mean that we are upset. Third, I wish people took it easy when we separate ourselves from others for a little time in a party. Fourth, I wish I had close friends instead of some people with whom I just say hi and hello. Fifth, I wish I could write more in this blog because introverts often love to write their feelings instead of saying it loud. 🙂

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31 thoughts on “Wish of an introvert blogger

  1. I don’t think people are entirely introvert or entirely extrovert. Some people have more introvert qualities than extrovert qualities and others have more extrovert qualities than introvert qualities. When I was growing up, I did not want to share my thoughts with other people, I also did not like to gather with people. Later, when I knew about personality types, I thought I was introvert, However, I understood, I was a person who had more introvert qualities than extrovert qualities. I am closed to other people but open to my friends and family.

    1. Aha… well said and makes perfect sense. I am too open to family and friends. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I am an introvert and I feel okay of what I’ve achieved over the years. We are great thinkers and have contributed in making the world a better place with the way we reason and bring solutions to problems. Thank you for appreciating as well as admitting to being one of us.

  3. Thanks to this post of yours, I now have an understanding and deeper knowledge in introbert people. I myself is also an introvert in some ways but not extreme. Maybe there are just some levels of introvert and extrovert from extreme to low level of this conditions.

  4. I saw the tittle of this post and I could not help to read it. It made me think about myself. I am a blogger, I love writing. My blog has been my secret spot for over eight years now and I have always struggled to be brave enough to make it public lol. It is really hard to me to expose my thoughts!

  5. Nice points and well detailed!
    Introverts are amazing and unique kind of people. Social interaction most often is one of the challenges they go through and not everyone knows how these things work.

    Growing up as an introvert, i can perfectly say that these points listed above apply to a lot of introverts. I feel regardless of one’s personality, people should be appreciated the way they are.

    1. I completely agree with you — people should be appreciated and respected the way they are. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Society has no right to put people in boxes and sit over them judging. Your blog should have more publicity. You have covered every aspect that needs to be understand. Hope you get to do that What would be the plight of this world if all were extroverts?

  7. I am an introvert and when it comes to those wishes I would say they totally apply too me too. I also for a while when I was younger thought that there was something wrong with me as other people find me a bit strange but as I grew up I realized that it’s a totally acceptable lifestyle and to be how I am Proudly! great post!

    1. I am glad that you liked this post. We are who we are. People should not be judged by how they speak or how they look or their lifestyles. Society now honors ethnicity and color differences but I feel that there are still so many miles to go before we can call ourselves an open-hearted being. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I recently learned that most writers are introverts… It made me doubt for a second whether I would ever become a good writer. Then, I thought about being put into boxes – like being labeled an extrovert or an introvert – and I have never liked that, since I never seem to belong into one certain category. That being said, I always thought of myself as more extrovert (I usually like to talk, except when nobody listens), because I can be outgoing. But, on the other hand, I hate large crowds (the physical contact and noise this creates), I used to be a teacher and am a writer now, I thoroughly enjoy alone time (ideally in nature) and I listen after asking someone a question, because I only ask questions when I am genuinely interested in the answers. 🙂 So, once again, I think I am a bit of everything.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful comment. I also heard that most writers are introverts. However, it does not necessarily mean that one has to be an introvert to be a good writer. 🙂 We sometimes try to classify personality to a specific known type but in reality, personality is a mixture of many many characteristics, which might be difficult to categorize. I totally agree with you.

      Have a wonderful day.

  9. I embrace my introverted nature more and more as I get older. I don’t enjoy parties, and now I rarely make the effort. Most people are surprised to learn I’m an introvert because I will mingle and chitchat and do what’s expected of me. But I can’t wait to have my alone time again. That’s when I rejuvenate and refresh. I’m my best self when I’m alone.
    Juliann recently posted…Llamas, Alpacas, and Little GirlsMy Profile

    1. Such a great way to embrace introverted oneself. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful week.

    1. I appreciate your kind comment. I visit your blog time to time. A wonderful blog you have. I do not understand Dutch. I use Google Translator to read your posts. I think the message gets lost during translation most of the times. 🙂 Thank you once again for visiting and commenting.

  10. Wow. After reading that list of attributable strengths, it makes me kinda sorry I’m a loudmouthed anal-expulsive extrovert. But not too sorry, since by definition I’m thankfully not capable of thinking deeply enough about it to be a problem 🙂

    Good post! Showed deep thought 😉

  11. Great post! I am an introvert who voices herself only through writing. Through most of my schooling I thought I had a problem, till I went to college and found others like me. Now I use it like a shield. “I don’t like to talk to you, coz I’m an introvert” ha ha!

    1. Haha ? that is a cool idea ?(the shielding part). Voicing through writing is a pretty strong idea as well. Many great authors, poets, historians used writing as their bold voice. As you know there is a saying, keyboard is mightier than the sword. ? Thanks a lot for visiting and sharing your experience.

  12. Sometimes I am an extrovert and sometimes I am just a listener. However, it doesn’t really matter, because I am just being me!

    1. That’s the positive spirit I always hear in your posts and comments. Thank you for another inspiring comment.

  13. Me too. Social media is great for the likes of us. I had to do public speaking, which was nerve-wracking, and next week I’ll be filming five tv interviews…. What. the. heck??

    1. Haha. Good luck with that. Yes, I read your D.C. travel story and the public speech. Congratulations on all the interview invitations you received. Have a wonderful evening.

    1. You have been always very kind. I appreciate your comment and visit very much. Thanks a lot. Best regards.

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