How do you know it is time to quit your job?

Ho do you know it is time to quit your job?
Hmm! You will know when it is time to quit your job? The universe will give you signs. Seeing those signs is as plain and simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is the best food in the world. Well … I am not good at metaphors. So, let’s not talk about the peanut butter and jelly sandwich example. Anyway, how will you really know it is time to quit your job? Knowing this is easy-peasy lemon squeezy because we have already created a list of scenarios that will give you the light-bulb moment when you experience them.

You notice that your male boss tends to unnecessarily spend more time with female employees

Regardless of whether you are male or female, you need to run in the opposite direction of this office. If you are a female employee, definitely you do not want to be in an office where your boss is hitting on all female employees. If you are a male employee, you definitely do not want to be in an office where people are not respected, needless to mention that your female colleagues have higher chances of a promotion.
Your boss is telling you that you need more training but you know that it is not correct.


Our friend, Christy Birmingham from When Women Inspire, brought this to our attention that when a male boss focuses too much on female employees, just like the scenario we described above, the female employees should put in a harassment claim. A male employee would have a discrimination claim to make. Thanks a lot, Christy! Sometimes we get lost in our own sarcasm and forget the most important items.

You find your boss is playing one employee against another

What if you find that your boss is playing one employee of the office against another by offering a prize? The prize can be anything like salary increment, giving facilities, or even giving the best project. The basic idea is — if you find that the office does not have a process for rewarding consistently well-performing employees, trust me on this again and run for another job.

Your boss tells you that your ideas are boring and dull but uses the ideas to impress the upper management

You are badly screwed. The reason is as follows. If you tell upper management that your boss stole your idea and did not give you any credit, an even higher power will fire you. In a sense, it is good because you were not fired by your immediate boss, rather you were fired by some important corporate magnets. Anyway, even before any of these things happen, why not just go to another job where your work will be appreciated.

You are given tasks for the weekend

In the afternoon of Fridays, your boss gives you a pile of files and tells you to turn them in by Monday morning. Your boss thinks that he/she has given you more than two days. It is time to search for a new job. Trust me on this — You have had enough “job-experience”. You will be able to find a decent enough job where your new normal boss will allow you to have a normal weekend.
Your boss is giving you work for weekends.

You cannot make your boss understand what you do

Oops. It is a serious situation. If you cannot make your boss understand you, that means she/he does not appreciate your work. You need to be with people who understand what you are doing. You need to be around people who are aware of how your work will improve the wellbeing of the organization, or relevant entities. If you think what you are doing is important and feel that your boss does not understand why you are doing it, it is time you search for places where there will be (smarter) people who will value your work.

You find that your boss does not know what he/she is doing

Your boss is still in that position. That means, even upper management does not know what they are doing. It is something like — people from the front desk of an office always give you the first impression of an office. If the people at the front desk of an office do not treat you well, there is very little or no chance that people inside that office will help you much. Your boss is like a front-desk. If your boss does not know what he/she is doing, trust me no one — the upper administration does not know either. You don’t have any future here. Eventually, the whole boat will sink. You do not want to be there when it is sinking.

Your colleague in the next cubicle goes to a meeting and 30 minutes later, a security staff comes to carry his belongings out

I am not saying that you are at a big name company. All I am saying is that it can happen to you too. If you find that your company fires people as if they are some dictators, it is time to look for a new job quietly and leave before the security staff carries your bag out of the building.

Office cubicles

Concluding remarks regarding when to quit a job

Quitting a job is not easy when someone has a family. Think a million times before quitting a job. In an ideal situation, one will find another job before quitting one, especially when a family is involved.

Note: We tried to fill this post with humor but it might still read a bit serious. Sorry about that. Any resemblance to actual or imaginary persons, entity, living or dead or undead, is purely coincidental.

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98 thoughts on “How do you know it is time to quit your job?

  1. I never had a regular job. I have been working as a freelancer from the convenience of my home since I completed my university program. Therefore, I have never witnessed or experienced things like explained above. However, I hear about discrimination and harassment of all kinds going in an office from my friends. You shoul certainly quit your job if the working environment is not good.

    1. That is so cool that you are a freelancer. Yes, many people move to freelancing from regular jobs due to many issues. Some people have the passion for freelancing and prefer freelancing from the beginning. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful day.

  2. For me there will be four things to consider. 1st is do you really like this job in the first place? if yes so maybe you can adjust and embrace the companies tough ways. second if you don’t like the people in the office then maybe we can think if its really you or they are the true problem. We have to maybe embrace the culture or consider the 1st point and two remaining to weigh in the situation. third is if you consider to upgrade your salary. For some people its not about the money that’s why they like to do their job day in day out but not everybody thinks like that. And finally your output. you have to unwind not monthly nut as much as you can. Some people exercise, others sing or play with their band or watch a movie or laugh with friends. in any possible ways we have to release the tension and find happiness outside our tough jobs. now if all the things i said did not work its time for you to look for a greener field.

  3. All the points you listed there are real and sometimes is enough one or two to make us give up to a job, I usually don’t wait for that much, if I do not feel good and welcome in a place I prefer to leave and find a job that would really fit me and I would feel welcome and appreciated!

    1. I agree with you on this. The silence and walk away treatment always works. You get to save yourself from future ill-treatment. It’s better to resign than get fired. But then, a new problem arises. Finding a new job and hoping it doesn’t go bad like the previous.

  4. if your not happy to your job then quit to it. successful people are those who enjoy

  5. When all of these has happened to anyone then it’s time to quit the job. I’ve never experienced this before, I’m very much happy the way my boss treated me and appreciated, even my co-workers are very friendly and approachable. It is important that you have motivation at work, with respect and recognition these are something you look forward when you work and inspire you to get all your work done and aim high.
    Harassment of any kind in the workplace is unacceptable. If you experiencing this it should not be kept and know you’re right.

    1. I am happy for you knowing that your have a great working environment. I share similar experiences — I also have great bosses and colleagues. I agree with you that harassment of any kind is not acceptable.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  6. Correctly ppointed out. They are unarguably true. It doesn’t have to be written plainly for someone to realize their time in a place of work is done. I like the point on your boss acting all up on you and never satisfied with anything you do.

    Some few years back, I was face with a situation like this after I corrected my immediate boss in front of his own boss. He didn’t take it well I guess because in the days to come he was all up on me, be it my cloths, my reports, just about everything I did was no longer good enough for him. When I realized my time was up I asked for a leave which he had always turned down before and I just left. Getting the sign at the right time is all there is.

  7. For me, I honestly will quit my job in a company if I am not happy anymore. If the job is too stressful, I will also quit it. Because our health is compromise in those situations. We are earning but your salary will only be spent in your medicine if you got sick in your work. Sometimes stressful work can affect your body and leave you no choice but to work because you need money. Find a job that is less stressful and have an employer who is concerned in your health and well-being.

    1. It’s a great idea. Some employers don’t take their employees’ state of health that serious. Others try finding a way of sacking an employee who is always sick and is seen as a burden.

      1. Thanks! I think it is better if you quit your job, just start with an online job that is in your favor and you have the power to control and change everything according to your liking. Make money online, search and study how it works and be contented and consistent in your online job. Good luck to us.

  8. The environment of the working place is usually toxic and inconvenient for us all. It’s very rare to encounter a coworker who really loves the ambiance of 9-5 job. We are all working just for the sake of making a living and that’s it. We tolerate bullshits in our lives just to make a living. We always find it really hard to really live our lives but still, it depends on us. We have the choices to decide on.

    1. Deep and thoughtful. It is said that if you find a job that you are passionate about, then you don’t have to work for the rest of your life. or, something like that.

    2. Nice explanation provided. Some of us work in jobs which may have no future or happiness. People do jobs to make a living and pay their bills. Hardly 25% people would be happy and satisfied with their jobs. I would do something my heart tells me and not my boss.

  9. I guess some of the outline here is true but I want to add another reason to quit your job base on my experience. If your salary did not increase yearly but some of your co-worker had increased, I think it’s time to look for a new job. Another thing is if your effort towards work was not appreciated or your loyalty was not acknowledge by your boss and then your co-worker get the promotion instead of you, to the fact that she was only given a higher position because she was the pet or the favorite of your boss well, its time to submit a resignation. It’s obvious that you are not growing in that company.

    1. I am sorry to hear that you went through such an experience. I agree with you that growing in a job is the number one criteria. Thank you for sharing your experience. Have a wonderful weekend.

    2. Yours is a true fact. I faced a similar kind of situation. The salary of my co-workers was increasing more rapidly than mine. I thought about quitting my job but then realized some positive points about my company. I had made some good friends around me. Some of my elders taught me lots of things. I really liked the place due to it’s location near my house. My boss also helped me a lot in difficult situations.

  10. These does not only show that the company does not have enough respect for its employees, but also that they are not valued the way they should. How can you work showing your maximum capability, love your work, and be loyal to your bosses if you know that if you do, it would not be mutual? These are obviously alarm bells, and could harm work ethics inside the office, and also do damage in your own confidence, which is obviously one of the most awful things that could happen. If this happens to me in my workplace, I would no doubt resign from this kind of work, even if I am paid well because it just isn’t worth it when going to work becomes a burden and you count every hour until its time to go home.

  11. Great informative information posted by you. A person who works hard but his goal is something different. I feel that if your enthusiasm for your job reduces day by day, then it is time to leave your job irrespective of your salary. You should do a job that you love and have respect for.

    1. I agree. What is the use of staying in a job where a person is no longer satisfies with the work he does or has lost his passion for it? The financial aspect has to be considered yes, especially if the pay for this company is high. Is it really worth the mental and emotional stress he has to go through if he hates the work he does for the salary he makes? Self respect and appreciation are needed to achieve happiness in life, but how can one reach that if everyday, he is tortured by doing something he hates?

      1. Thanks for your reply. Some people work tireless hours and earn a lot of money, but they are not satisfied with their life. They have no happiness, no relaxation, no quality time to spend with their best friends and family members. He thinks about money all the time. His life becomes a waste even he earns a ton of money as he is tortured by his bosses and abused by his seniors.

  12. We should work in a job that interest us and enjoy us most of the time in our work. If we do not enjoy anymore and the pressure is given rather than appreciation I think it is time to say goodbye. I agree with all you have written on this article.

  13. These types of scenarios are very serious. It does not give you any space to grow except for obvious reasons to start packing and quit your job. But seriously these are signs that one needs to pondered for a long period of time since it means the end of your own career and a start of something new to venture. My point is that you have to weigh everything from advantage to disadvantages even with all those obvious hints plainly because your decision to quit will turn your life and what the future lies ahead. So think twice before making that big decision.

    1. Yes, definitely it is essential to think the consequences through. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful day.

  14. Agree with all of these, except the working on weekends. That really depends on the job you have and what’s driving the deadlines.

    Also, I worked in the securities industry where people were often walked out of the building if they quit (not so often, but it could happen) or were fired. One guy had the FBI escort him out; he ended up doing time.

    1. How and why did the FBI got involved? That’s an awful way of quitting your job. I’m sure there was quite a lot to be investigated by the FBI. The FBI doesn’t just appear around out of nowhere.

      1. True it could be for some obvious reasons or some trouble with the law. So better start packing your stuffs coz your obvious going to that direction of quitting.

      2. Having the FBI escort someone out of your workplace would obviously make you thin twice about sticking to the job. Not only would you ruin your career and future opportunities, you are also endangering yourself and your family if the same thing happens to you too.

  15. I will quite my job when I know I have better options elsewhere. If not, then I will rather stick with my current job because it puts food on my table and I am satisfied with that. However, if my present job isn’t giving me joy then I will find another job that gives me joy or happiness

    1. Makes perfect sense. Yes, searching for a good job before quitting is essential, in most situations. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    1. Congratulations! That’s what passion takes anyone. 25 years is a lot of years for many people, and this inspires some of us to focus on doing what we like doing.

  16. I think that the listed reasons are probably the most common ones, especially the boss focusing on female employees too much. I’ve had this happen to me before actually. I was doing an accounting job and our boss was so extremely pushy and flirty, it was awkward. How do you tell your boss to back off? You can’t… Every day I went to work I was dreading meeting him because he knew that I was married. At one point I just quit because I couldn’t take it anymore. I believe that if you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing or the workplace is unbearable you should look for a new job!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sorry to know that you went through such an awful experience. Quitting is not the best response to such a situation, as we have now mentioned in the post. These people will keep doing the same things. But I understand your point, sometimes it is just impossible to take it anymore, even for a day.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. It’s awful because sometimes you may enjoy the job you are doing at that business/company but there are other factors that are making you want to quit the job. I think the first point is probably the most important and most common one to be fair. It also works the other way around. I’m sure there are women bosses who will flirt and appreciate certain men more than the other females that work at the office.

    1. Yes definitely there can be situations involving female boss and male employees. In all places fairness is the key. A great boss (of any gender) can be a great career development mentor. Thank you for your comment.

  18. Sometimes you just want to try something else in another company or in a different environment. If you’ve been working at one place for a long, it’s somehow desirable to move to another place. You will end up with a vast amount of experience from different places and environments that make you stand out when you lose a job and your are looking for a new job.

  19. I saw this sexual harassment thing in university back in the 2000s. There was this professor who was always commenting on the looks of female students (publicly in class). It was so dorky. Note, I’m not some male-basher and definitely, I stick up for my own gender. Nonetheless, though, as the article notes, sexual harassment sometimes works against males – as in female students and workers getting promotions and unjust breaks.

    1. I an sad to hear that the professor was commenting on looks of students. Universities have better regulations than many organizations regarding such matters. There are specific offices in universities that will record and investigate such awful practices. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend.

    2. That reminds me of what happened at Yahoo!. There was a male employee complaining about the way the female employees getting favored by the management. I think the man filed a lawsuit against the Yahoo! boss, who happens to be a woman. It was a lawsuit on discrimination against the male employees.

      1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Discrimination is an issue that we see even in this modern age, sadly. I hope all workplaces will maintain a healthy working environment. Best regards.

      1. The last point is the most interesting and the funniest one . I’ve never worked at a place where people get fired like that. Maybe in future it may happen at my workplace or at another place closer to me. That must be the weirdest way of firing an employee.

  20. What you wrote about should be sending off alarm bells for anyone experiencing any of these things! I know you often have a sarcastic tone but I do hope that if a male boss is focusing too much on female employees as you suggest that those females put in a harassment claim. I’m thinking the male employee would have a discrimination claim to make too! I’ll be sharing this one on Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Twitter.

    1. We sometimes get carried away with the sarcasm. Sorry about this and I completely agree with you. I have now drawn a rounded box under the relevant picture and put your comment there. I hope you don’t mind.

      Thank you very much for visiting, commenting, and the shares.

      1. Oh you are wonderful to have done that! Thank you for the inclusion of the comment and the link too. I know you use sarcasm and I know that’s not easy to do on a blog so I commend you for it! Keep up the great work here 🙂

  21. I would gladly leave a company if this are the reasons or situation I’m in. I don’t like that women are disrespected in workplace, I don’t want to be in that environment. I have the tendency to respond if I see that kind of behaviour, women should be respected in workplace.

      1. Have a nice day also admin! Thanks for this kind of post that tackle sensitive matters in workplace. I am looking forward to your more wonderful and sensible topic. More power!

        1. It’s time to quit if you don’t see any hope of the company to change its way or management of its interest and employees. We deserve better compensation and benefits in a company.

          1. I definitely agree on that. Leaving your job is the hardest thing to do but if it is necessary and you feel like you have to. Do not hesitate there are a lot more companies that deserve you which also gives better compensation and opportunities to grow. So why stay in a company you don’t feel happy. It’s just gonna ruined your day and the performance of your day to day work.

    1. I agree. If your boss or management does not respect others, why would they treat you any different? The truth will eventually come out or…show itself.

      1. Eventually so what’s the reason of staying around. Hard to leave your long time job and move on at the beginning but one can adjust definitely adjust in the long run. I still believe that staying and not being happy is just going to work with no purpose. It maybe the source of ones income but staying happy is just a part of the formula of worthy living.

        1. Good question and response. I believe we know when it is time to leave. Sometimes we stay to help us prepare for the transition (savings, looking for another job, building a business, etc). I believe it is important, if can, to strategically plan a leave or departure from a job. For me, transitions were easier when it was just me. Now, we have two children in the equation. So, setting a goal date to resign can be the motivation to push one forward to live with purpose. You can also work on another adventure before and after your job. You are right…..Our sanity and overall well-being are at jeopardy when we prolong a stay. There are options to making you dreams come true.

          1. Good point. I don’t think there’s any reason why an unwanted stay should be prolonged. However, exiting is a wise decision only when there’s an alternative that is worth more than the current one especially when tasked with a lot of responsibilities.

    2. It’s so nice to hear that there are people out there that are like you. I’m not going to lie, I’m not sure whether I would have the strength to speak up or leave my job if I found out that a group of people were being disrespected or treated differently because of a thing like gender or race. It is such disgusting behaviour but luckily over here in the United Kingdom it is not as prevalent because of all the laws that protect employees.

  22. It’s time to quit your job when you’ve got your boss from hell or your career is not growing or your employer’s goals and your personal mission don’t match up. There are many reasons why you should quit your job. If you’re not happy anymore, just quit already. But you have to remember, finding a job is like looking a needle in the haystack. So you have to choose, Happiness or Sacrifice.

    1. Definitely, there can be hundreds of reasons. For some skills it is easy to find a job for some skills it might be hard. Also staying out of a job is not a good idea. Getting another job is sometimes important before quitting.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting.

      1. Indeed. We just need to be patient and sacrifice for a better good because having a bad job is still better than not having one. No problem. I enjoy exchanging thoughts and suggestions. On that way, we can learn new things.

    2. I agree in your opinion. It is hard to find job now aside from your present job . You can resign if and only if you have found another more stable and compensated job. Always find ways to enjoy your job even if it is not anymore interesting, you have to think the people wno depends on your job.

      1. I agree with your opinion. No matter how bored or frustrating your job becomes over the time, there should always be an alternative or fall back before quitting the ongoing job. But sometimes we just can’t help it.

  23. Well, we were all thinking it, but this post just said it out loud. Every one of the points here rings true. If you experience two or more, I’d say you need to think about getting out stat. But I wouldn’t encourage people to just up and quit their jobs. You have to be smart about it. If you think you can resolve any issues, I’d try that first. But if not, then you will definitely want something new lined up before you leave. Otherwise, you could be out of a job for a while.

    1. I definitely agree. It may not be easy to find a job and then quit, and keeping the “quit” word in mind is not that healthy. If the issue is resolvable, then definitely one should try to resolve it. Additionally, if someone has a family and kids, it is very important to analyze the situation before going for any drastic step. Staying out of a job is not encouraged at all.

      Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. Have a wonderful day. Best regards.

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