How do you know it is time to quit your job?

Ho do you know it is time to quit your job?
Hmm! You will know when it is time to quit your job? The universe will give you signs. Seeing those signs is as plain and simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is the best food in the world. Well … I am not good at metaphors. So, let’s not talk about the peanut butter and jelly sandwich example. Anyway, how will you really know it is time to quit your job? Knowing this is easy-peasy lemon squeezy because we have already created a list of scenarios that will give you the light-bulb moment when you experience them.

You notice that your male boss tends to unnecessarily spend more time with female employees

Regardless of whether you are male or female, you need to run in the opposite direction of this office. If you are a female employee, definitely you do not want to be in an office where your boss is hitting on all female employees. If you are a male employee, you definitely do not want to be in an office where people are not respected, needless to mention that your female colleagues have higher chances of a promotion.
Your boss is telling you that you need more training but you know that it is not correct.


Our friend, Christy Birmingham from When Women Inspire, brought this to our attention that when a male boss focuses too much on female employees, just like the scenario we described above, the female employees should put in a harassment claim. A male employee would have a discrimination claim to make. Thanks a lot, Christy! Sometimes we get lost in our own sarcasm and forget the most important items.

You find your boss is playing one employee against another

What if you find that your boss is playing one employee of the office against another by offering a prize? The prize can be anything like salary increment, giving facilities, or even giving the best project. The basic idea is — if you find that the office does not have a process for rewarding consistently well-performing employees, trust me on this again and run for another job.

Your boss tells you that your ideas are boring and dull but uses the ideas to impress the upper management

You are badly screwed. The reason is as follows. If you tell upper management that your boss stole your idea and did not give you any credit, an even higher power will fire you. In a sense, it is good because you were not fired by your immediate boss, rather you were fired by some important corporate magnets. Anyway, even before any of these things happen, why not just go to another job where your work will be appreciated.

You are given tasks for the weekend

In the afternoon of Fridays, your boss gives you a pile of files and tells you to turn them in by Monday morning. Your boss thinks that he/she has given you more than two days. It is time to search for a new job. Trust me on this — You have had enough “job-experience”. You will be able to find a decent enough job where your new normal boss will allow you to have a normal weekend.
Your boss is giving you work for weekends.

You cannot make your boss understand what you do

Oops. It is a serious situation. If you cannot make your boss understand you, that means she/he does not appreciate your work. You need to be with people who understand what you are doing. You need to be around people who are aware of how your work will improve the wellbeing of the organization, or relevant entities. If you think what you are doing is important and feel that your boss does not understand why you are doing it, it is time you search for places where there will be (smarter) people who will value your work.

You find that your boss does not know what he/she is doing

Your boss is still in that position. That means, even upper management does not know what they are doing. It is something like — people from the front desk of an office always give you the first impression of an office. If the people at the front desk of an office do not treat you well, there is very little or no chance that people inside that office will help you much. Your boss is like a front-desk. If your boss does not know what he/she is doing, trust me no one — the upper administration does not know either. You don’t have any future here. Eventually, the whole boat will sink. You do not want to be there when it is sinking.

Your colleague in the next cubicle goes to a meeting and 30 minutes later, a security staff comes to carry his belongings out

I am not saying that you are at a big name company. All I am saying is that it can happen to you too. If you find that your company fires people as if they are some dictators, it is time to look for a new job quietly and leave before the security staff carries your bag out of the building.

Office cubicles

Concluding remarks regarding when to quit a job

Quitting a job is not easy when someone has a family. Think a million times before quitting a job. In an ideal situation, one will find another job before quitting one, especially when a family is involved.

Note: We tried to fill this post with humor but it might still read a bit serious. Sorry about that. Any resemblance to actual or imaginary persons, entity, living or dead or undead, is purely coincidental.

This paragraph contains some affiliate links to Amazon. We will get an incentive from Amazon with NO extra cost from your wallet if you use the links to purchase anything. We drew some of the figures in this post using CrazyTalk Animator 3 Standard (Mac). The software has a Standard PC (Windows) version, as well as PRO Mac and PRO Windows versions.

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98 thoughts on “How do you know it is time to quit your job?

  1. It’s time to quit your job if you’re not happy anymore. If you feel like not growing as individual, you’re not excited to go to work anymore and already pisses off of your daily routine that even when you close your eyes you know where to get.

  2. For you to be able to be productive in your work, you need to be inspired, happy, and feel all the positive energy that your workplace gives off. Your work should be really enjoyable for you. It should bring you more joy and happiness than pain and suffering. If it’s the other way around, then it’s really time to quit your job. But before you quit, just make sure that you already have a job waiting for you before you make that resignation. Because it’ll be easier for you to let go your job that way.

  3. You will know when you are not satisfied by the companies benefits and activities. I’am not saying the you leave because you are bored but I mean is, if the place can’t make you happier to be more productive. If you are always getting the same treatment over and over again maybe its the time for you call a quit. There are a lot of companies out there that can appreciate your time, skills, knowledge and effort, so why don’t try to look for more? Don’t stay in the same situation, ’cause if you want to gain more experience and achieve more goals you better to look for a company which can compensate you based on your skill level.

    I think most of the people quit in their jobs because they are looking for something which help them think outside of the box and can showcase their talents and efforts. And I also think that they got easily bored with the same tasks that they’re doing and it makes them feel to be unhappy and uncomfortable.

  4. It’s time to quit your job if you’re not getting the opportunities that you deserve. I am not saying that you should be in a certain position or whatsoever. What i am trying to say here is you are not really given that many opportunity to prove yourself and your worth in the company. Which results in you being stagnant in a certain position for a very long time. Opportunities and exposures are very important for you to showcase your skills and talents to the higher ups. And not given such could really hinder your growth in the company.

  5. Yikes! I’ve seen the first example first hand and it is really unpleasant. No female employee lasts long in that sort of conditions, they’re scared that speaking up will cost them their job so they just leave quietly after a while. Meanwhile, the higher-ups have no idea of what’s happening because no one has spoken up about it, or they can’t do anything about it because of it. Worse yet, sometimes it’s the company owner that does this to female employees! It’s such a horrible work environment!

    I never saw that last example but I definitely agree with you! If I ever saw that happening at work I would leave ASAP out of fear that it could happen to me. If it did I’d be completely mortified! Honestly, what happened to respect these days!?

  6. Well, this are also all the reasons why I have left the companies that I was employed too! And I just would like also to add 1 more reason, all of us in the team where newly endorsed after our training in a call center company and after sometime we have been close with our supervisor in charge. But when they have all scheduled a party/vacation I did not come because it was also a very important event n our family, and there’s one of our co-team that was not approved of the leave they all asked me to just take his shift so he can come since I will not come with them. Afterwards they have all agreed to give me a poor rating of camaraderie that made me loose the job. I should have resign instead.

  7. Very true.. When I think of it, some bosses are worth running away from… To escape from all this, what i always focus on is self employment. You can never be richer than your boss so why cannot i be the boss of my self.. Some bosses are more of bossy than leaders which is really a very bad trait to posses.

    Very helpful article. Eye opener.

  8. For me, it’s time to quit my job if I’m not enjoying it anymore. It could be because of a horrible boss, low pay grade, issue with co-workers, getting bored, etc. It is really hard to continue to work in a company if your not really enjoying what you are doing. Even if you have the best boss, co-workers, high pay grade and excellent working environment, if you don’t enjoy it for whatever reason, for me, it’s really time to quit the job.

  9. As days pass by and the nearest that my work contract will end. I evaluate myself if I’m ready to quit my job or not. I always dream of going home, start a small business and work as freelancer. Everyday is learning process and everyday as well is money spending whether you go out of your house or not still spending for daily living. Now I made a conclusion with the help of this article that maybe I just find my work boring so the best thing for me is to switch job. Having a regular salary best fits me for now. Maybe after paying all the insurance that I had started is the best time to my freelancer idea. Thank you. I appreciate a lot this article and HELPED me realize the best thing to do.

    1. Hi, the post is written from a satirical view point. Like many satire posts, it brings up a reality. However, in real life it is really difficult to go for a drastic change given that a family might be dependent on a steady income. I hope you will find a job that pleases you. Thank you for visiting and sharing your views on the topic.

  10. I had a situation in which I knew more than my manager and it was awful. I couldn’t go to her for anything. Anytime I had questions, I had to ask another manager and they would be frustrated that I had to go to them. They would so frustrated that I couldn’t go to my own manager. When I was stuck with her, she would literally run and ask someone else the answer. Yet, she tried to give me hell for small things. It was very frustrating. I was so unhappy, thank goodness I am outta there!

  11. Sometimes people quit their jobs because they are not even happy no more on what they’re doing. But for young age individuals it is very easy for them to lose their job because they have guts and confidence that company will still hire them compared to other older ages. I guess if the company was not giving or even paying their employees enough and not treated fairly, that’s the time they could leave their work.

  12. When you already established the business you want to and it’s working well, your earning with minimal numver of working hours. That’s the right time to focus on it to expand more and if you think your money is working for you already sufficiently.

  13. I realized it was time to quit my job (and start working for myself) with the realization that I have a problem with authority. There are just too many bosses and not enough leaders out there in the corporate world. I just can’t stand working for someone who thinks their credentials make up for the fact that they lack skill and ability.

    1. Makes perfect sense. A boss lacking skills is of no use (and is harmful). A qualified boss is a blessing. Luckily, I have the blessing.

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. It’s time to quit your job once you’re not happy with what you are doing anymore. Working passionately with interest is different from just working because it’s your job. Taking ownership of responsibilities, working with a great heart leads to more better outcome. Once you feel you’re not going anywhere with your present job, feel like you’re stagnant and not growing as individual then don’t hesitate to switch job with accordance to your knowledge, encouraging environment and you can express your thoughts and ideas.

  15. It is not a pleasant thing to work in a place, which didn’t give us respect. Peace of mind, is very important in the place we work. It is mandatory to achieve a harmonious relationship with everyone working with us.

    It is always to move on to a place with better relationships and understanding. But, it is no wrong to adjust some time.

  16. All true. I experienced i t before and it’s like you need to adjust really hard or wait for some miracle. You got to smart it out and figure out on a daily basis what are the steps to do to improve or change the scenario but if nothings works then we need to move on. As they say if you want to change your life you have to change your environment.

  17. For me it is time to quit a job if you are not happy of what you are doing. If you feel that you are already wasting your time and that there’s no more personal growth then I guess it is the right time to quit the job. But of course you have to weight your options. If you are a Parent and supporting a Family quitting a job will not be that easy to do. It needs preparation and savings so that by the time you will be looking for a new career you will have enough budget to do so.

  18. We’ve all had bad days at the office. If you give your own best and your boss don’t appreciate and still find fault about your work. Work can be taxing for everyone, and we all occasionally feel weary after a long day at the office, but if your life is a chronic state of stress and exhaustion, you’re probably suffering from job burnout. If your boss relentlessly pushes for more no matter what, there’s likely no end to the madness in sight, and it may be time to go somewhere that can appreciate all that you do. It’s easy to get stuck in a job and, if you love what you’re doing, getting stuck can be comfortable,”.”However, it’s important to remember that every job should enhance your skills and add to your value as an employee.”

    1. I agree with you 100%. People have bad days more now in office with overload of work and increasing work hours. Sometimes I get dissatisfied with my job and find it quite stressful. I honestly can say that I love learning new things in office even if I have to stay late.

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