A list of school-friendly Spiderman costumes for halloween

Little children face hard tome in using the toilet in school with costumes. The article provides a list of spiderman costumes that have separate pants. #spiderman #halloween #costume #halloweencostume
Most of the halloween costumes come as overalls. As a result, little ones have hard time in using the toilet. Teachers need to help every time the kids go for potty. You might recall from another post that Dear Dad wrote two years ago on how he applied his DIY skills to make the Spiderman costume he bought more school-friendly. The idea was to make sure that Dear Son can go to the toilet by himself while wearing the costume in his daycare. Dear Dad separated the bottom half of the costume and made pants out of it. 🙂 It was hard work but totally worth it.

Things have not changed much. Dear Son has started his elementary school though. We are still afraid that he will face the same trouble in school on the coming halloween day. Didn’t I say things haven’t changed much? That includes his choice of costume — it is still Spiderman. This time, instead of going through the trouble of DIY-ing an overall costume, we have decided to search for a multi-piece Spiderman costume — with a shirt and pants. Surprisingly, options are not huge even on the Internet. Many of the Spiderman costumes are pajamas, which will do just fine as long as trousers are separate. We have listed some of the costumes below that have multiple pieces and include a separate pair of trousers. We think the listed costumes will be comfortable for little kids who go to daycares, preschool, kindergarten, or in early stages of elementary.

If you decide to use the list, please make sure to go over the reviews on the product pages. Also take a close look at the features and Q&A. A few of the costumes have their feet covered, which you may or may not like. The list does not contain any costume with padding. I personally do not prefer padding because Dear Son will stay in school for the entire halloween day with his costume on. A costume with too much muscle-padding will not be comfortable.

Sorry that we have not covered other superheroes in the list. The list contains Spiderman costumes for boys only.

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Concluding remarks

Our special feature for Dear Son’s costume is school-friendliness — actually toilet-friendliness to be more precise. Please let us know what costumes you are planning for this year for your children or for yourself. Is there any special feature that you want in the costumes?

Happy Halloween … Well … Happy Halloween preparation!

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9 thoughts on “A list of school-friendly Spiderman costumes for halloween

  1. I remember helping out a class Halloween party once for my son when he was in kindergarten. School friendly costumes would be such a relief for teachers who have to spend so much time helping kids with their costumes. Great post!

    1. I agree with you so much. Costumes that match with the regular outfit are comfortable for kids. Thank you very much for visiting and commenting.

    1. It is marvelous that you remembered the first Spidy. I see that you commented on that post too. Thank you for reading both the posts and commenting on them. The consistency is much much appreciated. ? Have a wonderful evening.

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