Our quest starts with pink every morning

We start a new Quest every morning or, at least every morning is a part of an old quest. Our quest in the morning starts with pink now-a-days. Let me explain. We open the window in the morning and we see the pink clouds in the sky above the Franklin Mountains of El Paso. The clouds slowly become snow-white and we see a few of the neighborhoods near the mountains wake up. This is how our quest starts with pink clouds every morning, at least in the Westside of El Paso. 🙂 The pictures were taken in the morning today.

Pink over the Franklin Mountains!
Pink over the Franklin Mountains!
More pink over the Franklin Mountains!
Wakeup neighborhood, wakeup El Paso!
Wakeup neighborhood, wakeup El Paso!


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30 thoughts on “Our quest starts with pink every morning

  1. Pink clouds? I’m definitely missing this amazing nature here in Nigeria. It’s good to start everyday in a unique way and that’s the reason I wish I can experience such a pink quest every morning as well.

  2. When I used to live in the city, it was rare to such a pinkish sky, Now I live on a farm and I can see the pink sky every morning. Your pictures are amazing.

  3. That is really gorgeous to watch especially in the morning. I can feel how fresh the breeze of air and how wonderful the site is. Seeing that everyday can be relaxing what a good start. Thanks for sharing these are nature at its best and we should always be thankful to see them everyday while others seek to see them even for a glimpse.

  4. There is a wonderful view, I can only imagine what you may feel when you wake up and see such an image, this it just makes you feel great the whole day long!

  5. I love pink clouds, but always find photos don’t do them justice. You captured them beautifully, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you very much, Georgie , for visiting and your comment. I definitely agree with you. Photos do not do the justice. The sceneries were more beautiful than they look in the pictures.

      We are very happy to know that you liked these photos. Have a wonderful day and a great weekend. 🙂

  6. Thank you very much, Cee, for letting us know that you liked the photos in this post. The pictures in your website are so beautiful and inspirational!

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