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In one of our earlier posts, we mentioned that the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) has educational opportunities and activities for all. In addition, they arrange fun activities. We described one such event, Annual Splash ‘n’ Sparks, in another post a few months ago. Today’s post is going to be another local event that Miners arranged last evening (Friday, October 14, 2016). The name of the event was Movies on the Lawn. 🙂 The event was organized by the Office of Student Life at UTEP. There was no admission fee. Here is a picture from the event.

Flyer of the event.
Flyer of the event.

The event was open for all El Pasoans. The Finding Dory movie was projected on a large screen. The audience sat on the green grass of the Centennial Plaza at UTEP. Centennial Plaza is commonly called UTEP Centennial Park. Many people brought lawn chairs and blankets. We had our blankets with us. We reached the Centennial Plaza at 6:30PM. It was pretty amazing. 🙂 The place was quite full. Families came hours before the event, kids played around, parents relaxed, and everyone mingled.

From a corner of the Centennial Plaza.
From a corner of the Centennial Plaza.

We found a place in the middle of the Plaza field. We sat on the blanket like many families. The first half of the field were reserved for blanket families and the second half of the field was for lawn chair families. 🙂 A few of our son’s friends and their families were already there.

There was music around. It was a festive environment. Tech people were setting up the projector. It was showing mirror image at first, as shown in the picture below. Once it was fixed, people clapped! Then we waited a few more minutes for the sunset.

The projector was showing a mirror image first.
The projector was showing a mirror image first.

The moon was already up. It was softly appearing on the upper left corner of the screen. We started watching the movie under the moon, sitting on green grass of the UTEP Centennial Plaza.

The moon was already up in the upper left corner!
The moon was already up in the upper left corner!

We started watching Finding Dory under the moon. :-)
We started watching Finding Dory under the moon. 🙂

Ah … good time! What can be better than such a Friday evening.

Our four year old son was a bit upset because baby-Dory became grownup-Dory too fast. During the entire movie, dear son became excited when Dory had flash backs where baby-Dory appeared with her baby-voice. 🙂

The movie ended on time. Duh.. all movies do end. On our way back when dear son said, “I liked watching Dory”, we got the satisfaction of an evening well spent. However, we know that dear son did not watch much of the movie. Rather he spent most of the time watching people around, watching the airplanes flying, and the choppers roaming above.

Office of Student Life at UTEP has more movies scheduled for October this year. All these movies will be shown at UTEP Union Cinema. Information about these movies are available here: If you are around, please bring your family and join the crowd. 🙂 UTEP Office of Student life’s Facebook page is: The Facebook page seems to be the easiest way to keep track of the upcoming events.

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7 thoughts on “Movie night at UTEP

  1. Certainly a good night out for you and your family. Watching movies have been one of the ways to relax and learn things of life and it’s quite impressive to see the University organize such event to make the residents of El Paso bond well in such night.

  2. I have heard about the movie Finding Dory, however, I have never watched this. I have watched Finding Nemno though. The movie night must be really incredible experience. I never had any opportunity to enjoy movie in the open space with the people from the neighboorhood.

  3. It sounds like the perfect night. I miss outside movies so much. In Indianapolis, our governor, a few years, back decided we should be on New York time instead of Chicago time. Soooo, it doesn’t get dark until around 10:00 pm in the summer, when it’s actually warm enough to watch movies outside. Hope you have a lot more wonderful nights like this one.

    1. Thanks a lot Joanna, for visiting the post and your well wishes. When we were in the East Coast, we watched outdoor movies frequently in summer evenings. In this part of Texas (El Paso), October is quite fine for outdoor movie nights because evenings are still warm enough for kids. Moreover, the sunset timing is quite good now to start a movie in the evening and finish it before 8:30PM.

      Thanks again for visiting. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you Miriam, for visiting. We are happy to know that you liked the post. This local Movie on the Lawn event was of great fun. You too have a great weekend.

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