Mountains from the sky

I was traveling from destination A to destination B a few years back. The pilot mentioned, “You should be able to see this and that mountain if you are in the right side of the plane”. I got a chance to take some pictures because I was in the lucky side of the aircraft. 🙂 The pictures I took are as follows. A few rivers begin in these mountains. I can neither remember the names of the rivers nor the the names of the mountains. I did not do much documentation of my travels at that time. Nowadays, I annotate on Google Photos so that I can recall easily.

I have forgotten where I was traveling but I vaguely recall that it was somewhere in the northern part of USA. If you recognize the mountains, please let us know the names.




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25 thoughts on “Mountains from the sky

  1. It’s quite interesting to see these pictures of how good nature is and to understand that you took those pictures right from the aircraft makes it more interesting. I don’t know the region, but I would go into a research to discover what it’s all about as well.

  2. I once went for a mountain flight which took me near Everest, Annapurna, and many another world highest mountains. watching mountains from the plane window is certainly a wonderful experience.

  3. Such great pictures and I’m so happy that you shared it with us. It’s crazy to consider how beautiful this world is but a lot of us aren’t able to enjoy it because of several different reasons. Imagine being lucky enough to wake up to a view like this every day. It would be absolutely beautiful.

  4. Amazing….I traveled to the mountains and saw many beautiful places, with snow or without snow but I never saw the mountains from a plane or a helicopter. You had a great chance to take some pictures that not all can take.
    Very beautiful…..I love it!

  5. Wow, these are great photos, i’t a good thing that you were on the lucky side of the plane, I really like hiking and mountain climbing and would like to experience that someday.

    1. I think, you are right Lindsey. I was traveling from somewhere north to California. Seattle is a common airport when traveling to and from some states of the north and north-west. The chances are hight that the first one is Mount Rainier. Thank you very much for your comment and visit. Best regards.

  6. I love looking down from airplane windows. I just arrived in Las Vegas today and admired the mountain ranges and deserts as we approached. If my camera hadn’t been in my suitcase, I might have snapped some pictures.

    1. Great to know that you also like mountains, Juliann. You are right; the camera sometimes become very handy in capturing precious moments. Many thanks for visiting our blog. Hope you have a great time in Vegas.

    1. Thank you very much, Nia, for visiting and your comment. We are very happy to know that you liked these photos. Have a wonderful day and a great weekend. 🙂

  7. Great pictures. Mountains in the middle of water – so interesting. I especially love the one with the clouds all around them. Clouds amaze and fill me with such wonder.

    1. Aren’t they a beauty? You are tight, the one with clouds around is unique. Thank you for visiting Joanna and of course, for your beautiful comment. Have a wonderful evening. 🙂

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