Five most annoying greetings

Most annoying greetings of modern times
Greetings have emerged from Hi, Hello, Good morning, Good day, to different types of expressions used in modern days. Not sure if many of the modern greetings were there a few decades ago. Some of these are really annoying greetings. This post outlines some of the annoying greetings, I feel I should talk about. 🙂

What’s up

Really? What is up or down — is this even a question to ask? I really get pissed-off when someone greets me with What’s up. Did you mean, what is happening in my life? What aspects of my life do you really want to know? Are you a close friend of mine who may ask what is going on in my life? I get super annoyed if someone who is not a close friend or a family greets me with What’s up.
What's up --- what is the meaning of this greeting?

Haven’t seen you in a long time

Dude … Am I supposed to meet you periodically so that you don’t have to say this? The most annoying part of this is — it sounds like complaining. If it is a complain then, the person saying “Haven’t seen you in a long time” is guilty of the same crime. Why can’t we just avoid this sentence as a greeting and rather use it in a normal conversation?

Aww … Haven’t heard from you for a while

This is similar to — Haven’t seen you in a long time. Am I the one to call you regularly to pour my sweet voice into your ears, or you may call once in a while too? At least, I have called you now — rather than calling never or later. Why don’t you greet just by appreciating that? 🙂 Yes, I know what you are thinking. Relatives who are older than you generally assume that it the responsibility of the younger relatives to call them periodically.

By the way, although I am joking here in this post, everyone should make the time to call her/his older relatives from time to time. This is a way to pay the debt one owes to the older relatives for giving the younger a memorable childhood.

Annoying greeting: haven't heard from you in a while.

Can I help you with anything?

This is another annoying greeting when I am trying to explore in a store. Can’t it start with something else like — “Good morning. I am around and please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any question.” When a salesperson greets me with — Can I help you with anything today — I sometimes say — No, I am just browsing. I do not know in particular why I get annoyed with this greeting in a store. Probably because it sounds a bit push-selling kind.


It sounds like a royal joke. It looks fine in writing but when someone utters the word — Greetings — it sounds like the person is in a funny costume acting like a king’s or queen’s minister.

Greetings! itself is an annoying greeting.

Concluding remark: Let us know if you are annoyed at any of the greetings above, or if there are other greetings that make you uncomfortable.

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69 thoughts on “Five most annoying greetings

  1. I also tell people who say “What’s up” what’s up (as I saw someone else say) like birds, airplanes, balloons and so on.

  2. This is such an eye opener, HAHAHAHA I laugh too hard maybe because I do some of this to my friends to prank them. But of course we all know that all of this are shouldn’t be done. We have the proper knowledge to greet in a proper and a respectful way. Since when we are at grade school level we are taught how to greet in a proper manner that’s why I cant imagine that anyone will do this kind of greetings.

  3. Another annoying greeting is when get a hug from someone that you don’t want to hug. A handshake could be acceptable but a hug is very intrusive of my personal space and i don’t like it. It’s not right to think that ever people you meet wants your hug. I believe that you should keep your hug to yourself unless you are invited.

    1. I know in some cases it’s a cultural thing to greet people with a hug and kiss, but I totally agree. I’m not too keen on any kind of physical contact without my consent.

  4. These are certainly annoying greetings. However, in our culture, there are certain expressions that are used frequently yet are very annoying. In our culture, it is very common to ask “did you have tea” did you have lunch” (based on the time of the day) after the hello and hi. Everyone does this even though no body like these expressions.

  5. Some one asking you in this kind of manner will surely get you irritated and can make your day worst. Probably most people are using these kind of greetings to close family, friends, or relatives because they know these people are used to them. Sometimes funny but sometimes it will offend others so its better to be polite and kind when talking to others and always greet them in a nice manner. Well, thank you for posting these hilarious greetings I learned from them. 😉

    1. I agree with this. Most people only use greetings like this with people they already know, though I can see how even in a casual situation they might come off as annoying or impolite.

  6. I find this funny.. hahahah.. I don’t even remember how many times I was greeted like this. Well for me the most annoying greeting will be”What’s up”, One situation in my high school days – I was walking along the hall of our school when somebody touched my shoulder and ask me very energetically saying “What’s up” without asking my name and I was like.. what? … and he said “oh! sorry I thought you were one of my friend” before leaving. Its kinda awkward it made my day really funny.. hahah.. Can somebody explain to me why there are those kind of people greeting you first before asking how’s your day or asking your name?? lol

  7. There really is something incredibly off-putting about the “haven’t heard from you in a while” greeting, especially if it’s coming from someone who only engages in conversation with you if you contact them first and never contacts you. I hate things like that. It’s like seeing a friend on social media complain about how no one ever wants to hang out when you haven’t gotten a single phone call from them asking if you’re available to do something.

  8. Another greetings that is annoying for me is, “How can I help you?!” It sound like coming from a person that you are talking to at the other end of the phone. There are a lot of proper way to greet someone, specially if you know each other and haven’t seen each other in a long while, other than using the line “How can i help you?!” It really sounds like you are being asked by a person who is currently at work and wants to know the answer to that question because his/her work requires him/her to.

  9. For me, the most annoying greetings would be “Hey, you got fat!. I mean seriously, of all things that you could notice and say about me, you really picked on my weight?!?! As if you’re not getting fat yourself. hahaha 😛

  10. These greetings are really unrealistic to ask someone even though you know them for a while now. It is much better just to greet them with something that will definitely make them appreciated or welcomed. And then that’s when you make up the time for not seeing each other for so long.

  11. This greeting- “haven’t heard from you in a while” grinds my gears hard. Like I haven’t heard from you in a while too but in the end one of us has to be heard first. So don’t wait for my calls then tell me that you haven’t heard from me in a while…

    I have to say that this articles is hilarious and at the same time reflecting what In fact is in my mind… let me share it… 🙂

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