The First of Three Days Three Quotes: Mother Teresa

“I think, love begins at home.”

Love is complicated — this is what we might have heard many times. We learnt that love is very simple when our son was born. There is no condition in love for kids. There is nothing complex about it. I mean, childbirth is definitely complex but love is not. Mother Teresa’s quote “love begins at home” is well justified. 🙂

Being a new El Pasoan, one thing that fascinates us is that Mother Teresa visited El Paso in 1976. During her El Paso visit, she spoke about love and compassion. Her legacy touched many El Pasoans and inspired goodwills in many directions including relief services, house shelter program, youth group, and nursing homes.

In 1979, in her Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, Mother Teresa mentioned “love begins at home” a number of times. This Noble-prize winning nun inspired billions giving a purpose to everyone just by saying one small sentence “love begins at home”. One does not need to cross the world to help mankind. Love and charity both begin at home. This is why I love this quote about love so much. The quote may be ancient but it is also ever green.


Why we have written a post with a quote

This is a part of a networking activity between bloggers. This particular activity involves quotations. The rules for the Three Days Three Quotes challenge are as follows.
1.Three quotes for three days.
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3.Thank the person who nominated you.
4.Inform the nominees.

Our friend Natalia nominated us for the three days three quote challenge. Thanks a lot Natalia, for the nomination and of course visiting and following our blog.

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18 thoughts on “The First of Three Days Three Quotes: Mother Teresa

  1. Awesome quote by Mother Theresa about what love is all about. I’ve seen families that lack love, but try to show it to the outsiders and I see that as being wrong. Love should truly start at home for when others left you, it’s family that will really stand behind you.

  2. many years ago, when Mother Teresa was still living an four country was still a monarchy, an interesting rumor spread. People said that Mother Teresa wanted to come to the country and help the poor people, however, the Queen did not allow Mother Teresa to come to the country. I was a kid and I hated the queen for not letting Mother Teresa. Now I understand, how could a Hindu monarchy allow a Christian Missionary to operate inside the country.

  3. I agree with you. Reciprocating love is a family activity that propagates to the society. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Thank you for all the information about the Mother Teresa, I read all and I like it because there were not too many things that I knew about her. I think she was right, love begins at home, if we are raised with love we will know how to offer the love in the future and we will know to recognize love when we see it!

  5. I believe God is love first. Love comes from God. So, if you have God in your heart you will have love anywhere and everywhere you are. I understand really what she means and what she is saying though. Love starts with the mother and the father. That you must have love where your home is where ever your home is, I am a single mom of three of the most amazing beautiful blessed children. They are my heart and have my heart forever. They are my life and I really don’t have words good enough to describe the true deep love to the bottom of my heart and soul that I have for my children. They are the greatest gifts and blessings I could ever have. They saved my life a milions times and I learn so much from them about life and loving everyday of my life. I praise God for blessing me with three of the best blessings a mom could ever ever have. There is no other love like the love you have for your children.

    1. Very very well said, Sue. Definitely, there is no other love like the love a parent has for her/his children. I appreciate that you have written this wonderful and insightful comment in this post. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Dear Johnna, thank you for visiting our blog and commenting. I think you are wondering with a very difficult question. I guess, every mother loves herself because loving herself (along with many other things) would create a strong relationship with her child. The word Mother has become a part of Teresa’s name. Mother Teresa’s feeling about humanity must be tremendous, which would imply that she would take care of herself to make sure that she could give the best service to mankind.

      Thanks again for visiting. Best regards.

      1. It seems like she had a private persona that did not match her public one. “Her secret letters show that she spent almost 50 years without sensing the presence of God in her life.” She was lonely and tortured. She was more interested in God than in herself. Did she love herself? Sadly, I don’t think so.

        FYI, I’m unable to “like” comments on your site, so here’s your like. 🙂

        1. Thanks dear friend, I totally agree with you. The perspective, definition, and interpretation of love vary from person to person. It is really hard to understand what is exact and what is implied, especially when we are talking about such a great mind!

          Thank you for the like! I tried to activate the like-comments thing but couldn’t do it. I guess, installations do not have this feature, not even with jetpack, or may be my jetpack is not working properly. I will check this again. Meantime, thank you for letting us know that you liked the comment . ?

          We appreciate all your wonderful comments in our blog. Thank you and best regards.

  6. Thank you very much! I really enjoyed reading this post! Few years ago i was lucky to visit a house where Mother Teresa was born in a locality Skopje between Albania and Bosnia. She was a wonderful woman! Have a nice day too!

    1. Wow! That must be an amazing feeling to visit the place where Mother Teresa was born. Thank you very much for letting us know that you liked the post, Natalia.

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