Family humor — if you need some good laugh

Family humor: if you need some good laugh. #humor 3family #fun #parentingfun #laugh
I have listed a few sources of family humor today, in case you are in need of a good laugh. I am always in need of a laugh — so I thought why don’t I list a few and share with others? Hope you will enjoy.

Me time

If you are a parent and if you are searching for tips on how to ease the pain of your life, you are in luck because we have found the perfect video for you that contains the tips. The video is targeted toward dads but applies to moms as well. Moms and dads should not be discriminated. Although the baby did not stay inside dad’s tummy, a dad goes through some level of postpartum pain. 🙂

There is this revolutionary medicine, called AphukenbrakE, that reduces parental stress. All parents should take advantage of it.

Here is the video with the tips on how to use AphukenbrakE. Please do not attempt to purchase AphukenbrakE without watching the video. You do not want to spend money without knowing the side effects.

Get it done

Did it ever happen to you that you purchased something and it was left unopened and uninstalled for months? It is quite common. All families have that issue. No? Ok … some families might have that issue. To some people, watching football and baseball hours after hours is more important than boring installations.

The following video provides an inspirational story of a family — how they overcome the problem of installing a shelf on the wall. Every time I watch the video, I feel that there is still some hope left. The video is so inspiring …

Gift for teachers

All parents love to connect with the teacher of their child. Other than volunteering in the school and helping the teacher in carrying large coolers during field trips, giving gifts in occasions like new year or Christmas has always been considered a way to connect with the teacher. It is well known, by the grace of the Internet, that the worst gift to a teacher is a card or a mug with the child’s picture on it.

Historically, parents demonstrate their appreciation to teachers in many ways. In some cultures, using any part of the name of the teacher to address her/him is not considered polite. In western societies too, parents demonstrate their appreciation to teachers in many different ways, one of which is shown in the Tweet below, which became Viral in 2017. Wine bottles as a gift to elementary school teachers are quite interesting. A picture of the student on the bottle is a plus. The picture will be a reminder of why teachers receiving the bottles are still drinking.

If I were a teacher, I would have said — it does not matter whose picture you want to print on the labels — let the bottles come in every Christmas. You know what — not only in Christmas — let the bottles show up on every occasion including teacher appreciation day, mother’s day, father’s day, Halloween, or any day of the year. Probably, this is the reason why I am not a teacher. All the friends who became teachers have the greatest minds I have ever seen. They really do not care about the gifts. All they care about is the welfare of the students.

Did you miss me?

Parents do the mistake of asking their children whether they missed their parents. Trust me … if your child missed you, you would have received a call from whoever was taking care of your child. The question should be more like — is the person who took care of you while I was away still at home or in the hospital?

As long as the kids are having fun, they do not care about where their parents are. Who does not like a cookie for breakfast? This is why we do not like to leave Dear Son with others. Anyway, we like it or not we have to do it all the time. We don’t have an entire village but we are not afraid to punish our dear friends and family. Friends and relatives have to live with this curse. We are also cursed time-to-time in return. But we know the secret trick — cookie for the breakfast. In fact, cookie, candy, and Benadryl in juice for any meal. Just kidding … we are great at child caring, or, are we?

Have a wonderful week!

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9 thoughts on “Family humor — if you need some good laugh

  1. You’re right it’s easy to procrastinate about getting stuff done around the house 😉 For example, yesterday I watched a TV show instead of doing dishes…!

    1. Haha … I am glad to know that you had a wonderful weekend. Dishes and laundry are my to primary enemies too. The next tier of enemies would be vacuum cleaning and mopping. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I got 1 Botle of wine and 2 litle Botles of Jenever as a present.
    Reading your blogpost I am doining no good as a teacher ….

    But you did make me laugh.

    Kind regards,

    1. The wine bottle is just a joke. It was a parenting joke on putting a child’s photo on gift labels. Teachers are respected all over the world. We have our highest level of respect for educators. Thank you for dedicating all your efforts in building the backbone of the society. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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