Baby proofing solutions every parent should know about

Baby proofing your home does not have to be expensive. The post describes how to baby-proof home with inexpensive items. #kids #babyproofing #safety #toddler
This is a contributed post from Jackie Edwards, a freelance researcher and editor, who loves to develop resources and articles for new parents. Jackie herself is a new mom to twin girls. She is passionate about writing articles on family budgeting, childcare ideas, and parenthood.

Baby proofing solutions every parent should know about

Accidents are the leading cause of death in children aged one to four years according to data from the CDC. Although parents may have their minds occupied by other activities in the first few months of their baby’s life, after six months the need to protect the baby from unintended injuries increasingly becomes a preoccupation. This calls for proper baby proofing measures in the home. There is no shortage of effective and elegant baby proofing solutions and baby proofing companies in any town including El Paso but the costs involved could be prohibitive for some families. Here are some ways you can babyproof your home without spending a small fortune and without needing to hire a baby proofing service.

Magnetic Drawer Lockers

There are a number of plastic or metallic baby proofing drawer locks. Most locks are expensive to buy and usually require the services of a carpenter to install. In addition, savvy kids will learn how to open drawers protected by most plastic and sliding cabinet locks. The magnetic cabinet and drawer locks are an inexpensive, easy-to-install and effective way of keeping your baby out of the drawers. A set of eight of these retails for less than $30. They render a drawer or cabinet unopenable without the use of the magnetic key. Plus it is easy to disengage the locks when you desire to leave the drawers open.

Foam on Sharp Table Edges

The edges of our tables and chairs can make for a thrilling sight, which can become an injury hazard to your baby. Professional baby proofing services have effective ways to cushion the edges to eliminate the risk of injuring babies. Alternatively, you can buy foam pipe from a hardware store and use it to smooth out rough furniture edges. This material, which is intended to be used as insulation, is sticky on the inside and soft on the outside. You need to cut it open with a knife and stick the inside on the edges of the furniture. The foam will set in a couple of minutes and render your furniture harmless instantly.

Tab Plug Protectors

Although you will likely never get any safety issues with wall plugs as long as they are well maintained, babies and toddlers seem to be intrigued by these inventions. A typical crawling baby or toddler will usually try to fit her tiny fingers in the spaces of these plugs whenever given an opportunity. This creates a real danger of electrocution. This is where wall plug protectors with a tab can be of help. They have a middle tab which needs to be pressed to loosen the protector making them safer than normal plug protectors. Their edges are also rounded to minimize risks of injuring a baby.

Although baby proofing is an important part of childrearing, many parents put off this important aspect because of the costs involved. There are affordable baby proofing solutions parents can use. Parents can use magnetic drawer locks, foam on the edges of furniture, and tab plug protectors, as explained in this post.

Written by Jackie Edwards


8 thoughts on “Baby proofing solutions every parent should know about

  1. I agree that childproofing the house can go a long way in preventing injury to kids. Safety locks on drawers and kitchen cabinets will keep hazardous chemicals away from children.

  2. Just when you think everything is baby proofed, a new danger rears its head. lol This really is an excellent article for new parents and I can still appreciate it after 25 years as a parent and childcare provider.

    1. So true that the new dangers pop up from no where, even after baby proofing so many things around. Thank you so much for visiting and and commenting.

  3. Thank you for reading and commenting. Jackie Edwards wrote this excellent post. I agree that the article will help new parents a lot.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Jackie Edwards wrote this excellent post. I agree that the article will help new parents a lot.

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