Is your city water safe to drink?

Drinking water is a concern for everyone. The concern is quadrupled with little ones at home. Is my child receiving the best water? Is the water arsenic free? What if there is lead in the drinking water? All kinds of questions to worry about. My dentist said that the city water is good because it has fluoride in it. How about the harmful items? Sadly, this post will not give answers to any of the questions parents may have. This post will rather provide more items to think about.

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Chlorine smell in city water

When we first moved to El Paso, Texas a few years ago, we could smell the strong smell of Chlorine in the tap water. The smell was so strong that we could not directly drink water out of the tap. We used a Brita Water Filter to treat the tap water for drinking. It helped a lot with reducing the Chorine smell.

Over the years I (Dear Mom) grew tired of the pitcher. It was bulky. We had to wait for the water to get filtered if we want to pour it safely, otherwise all the water on the top part would spill. Besides, the plastic pitcher didn’t look as good.

So, when the time came that we needed to buy more filters for the Brita pitcher, I started looking for other options. After a lot of searching I found this interesting water filter. The design is quite unique. It is manufactured by Kor and called Water Fall. Instead of a pitcher, the system uses decanters. The quality of the filtered water is just as good as the water filtered by a Brita. The overall structure can be a bit wobbly. And the glass decanters are scary to Dear Husband because he thinks someday Dear Son is going to break those decanters and get horrible cuts. Other than that, I really like the look and feel of these decanters.

We also have a water line and water filter attached to the refrigerator. We can get our drinking water from the refrigerator as well, but we rarely do that. For no particular reason, we mostly use the refrigerator water system for ice-cubes.

Is it safe to drink El Paso city water?

Ever since we moved to El Paso we noticed that many of our colleagues, friends, and neighbors have in-home water filtration systems with big water dispensers. I was always curious why everyone would have one of these giant systems in their kitchen corner. (Probably because they throw big parties all the times. Or, there could be some other reasons.) For some reason, I haven’t asked anyone why they choose these systems over the tap water. So, today I was searching for any data related to El Paso water, just to make sure the water we have been drinking for the past couple of years is really safe to drink. Here is the link to EP water data:
Is drinking city water safe?

The table above is copied from the second page of the original document. It has all the measures of the water quality for the year 2016. The MCLG column is the ideal amount of any mineral or other products in water. I was sad to see that the average Arsenic level is 4.9 where the goal (MCLG) is to have zero Arsenic in water. It was also alarming to see that there are traces of Lead in the drinking water. The table does indicate that 90% of the lead data were at or below the levels shown. A possible reason for lead poisoning could be corrosion of household plumbing systems.

Many of the elements of the table are unknown to me. I will spend some more time on water data to figure out if we need to make the switch from tap water to any kind of sophisticated water filtration system.

Until then, we would love to you hear from you. Do you have any thoughts on drinking water?

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23 thoughts on “Is your city water safe to drink?

    1. Haha … πŸ™‚ the “Waterfall” looks beautiful. I am very happy to know that the capital of Netherlands is maintaining a great water supply. Thank you for sharing the information. Have a wonderful weekend head.
    1. Haha πŸ˜‚ that probably means it is safe because otherwise you would have heard something on the local news. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend.
    1. I not sure if that specific brand is available in the USA. I am sure there are alternative. The main concern is if filtration is enough to prevent arsenic and lead poisoning. Thank you for sharing this. Have a wonderful weekend.
  1. I also sadly have no clue about what that table means… it’s all a mystery to me same as to you, haha πŸ˜€ but yeah. I agree with your thoughts about the importance of doing some research whether the tap water is good to drink or not.

    I know that certain countries and areas have huge problems with the water being contaminated.

    We are pretty lucky because our tap water is really high quality so we never had any real issues. However, we still use the Brita Filter that you’ve linked. Ours is a bit different though and in dark blue color. We use that just to make the water EXTRA safe and you can put different filters that add magnesium into it.

    1. I am so glad to know that your city water is safe to drink. Yes, Brita Filters are great in filtering drinking water. I appreciate your comment. Have a wonderful weekend.
  2. These are all good questions. I don’t live in Flint, but I live about 20 minutes from there and so there has been great concern about the drinking water. Even though we personally have well water and aren’t using city water, we still filter it. I’m clicking over to Amazon right now to check out Water Fall. πŸ™‚
    1. Yes, the water situation at Flint, Michigan is so upsetting. I was just talking about it with hubby. Hope the situation there will get better soon. I am happy to know that your place has safe drinking water. I appreciate the visit and the comment. Have a wonderful weekend.
  3. Are you going to start using a filtration system? I don’t but as you say we need to be aware of arsenic levels. Another important topic you have spotlighted here. Sharing on my social networks now πŸ™‚
    1. Probably, I will use one, especially due to the arsenic level. I need to further check if there is really a filtration system that will lower arsenic as well as lead levels down. Thank you for visiting and sharing the post on the social media.
  4. When I first moved into town I couldn’t get over the smell of chlorine in the tap water. I bought a Brita filter for my sink and it seems to have helped. I think the water is safe to drink for me and my family.
  5. Actually, the answer is no, we do have the chlorine as well, besides that the PH is too high and in some places, there were found some bacteria. I prefer to buy water from the store even if I don’t know how healthy it is. Some people who don’t want to spend too much money on the water they prefer to boil the city water and drink it!
  6. Yes we always see reports that show how great our water is and then I look at the list and my mind boggles. “Arsenic” “Miniature pony feet” “Spam” So maybe those aren’t actual contaminants (although I would argue that they are but just not listed), but we have opted for a water softener / filtration system. The water is stinky without it. Not my favorite. But I did like the post! πŸ™‚
    1. Glad to know that you liked the post. Yes, it is better to be safe before trusting the stats. Also stats come from past years. πŸ˜€ thanks for visiting and commenting.
  7. We moved to the southern part of Colorado Springs shortly after there was a major city water scare. Apparently, something about one of the local military bases doing something or another which then polluted some unpronounceable chemical into the drinking water. Our conspiracy theorist neighbor insisted there was no way we should drink the local water. The water company reported that everything had been cleaned up, the incident didn’t actually affect our local water table, etc. What do you believe? I do know, as someone who has lived in many different locations around the world and only ever drinks water, that the water does not taste very good to me. It just has an odd taste. We currently use a Brita water pitcher and it helps with the taste, but we occasionally still buy bottled water.
    1. I read about the Colorado Springs city water contamination, I think last year. That was so horrible. I think around eighty thousand people were affected by this contamination. I am glad to know that your water is now safe. Yes, Brita removes odd tastes a lot. Bottled water is safer for many towns. Thank you for sharing your experience. Have a wonderful rest of the week.
  8. yea,water in my country is purify by the purifying company called Water pub.So we get to drink at least germ free water.But I don’t like the taste of chloride so I diffuse my purifier into the water to get the taste off.Good to know about yours.

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