Freedom, peace, love

Dear Son: Dad, do you know who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was?

Dear Dad: Yes, I do.

Dear Son: Well, I have news for you.

Dear Dad: What is it?

Dear Son: He is dead.

Dear Dad: Oh, I am sorry to hear that.

Dear Son: Do you know how he died?

Dear Dad: Not really. How did he die?

Dear Son: Someone didn’t like what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was saying. Someone said bam bam and gave some shots to Dr. Martin Luther King.

Dear Dad: Gave some shots?

Dear Son: Yes, you know how I get those shots when I go to the doctor? Those shots. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. got shots. Do you know when he died?

Dear Dad: No, when did he die?

Dear Son: When Mrs. A* was a baby.

*Dear Son goes to the Kindergarten. Mrs. A is Dear Son’s teacher.

Concluding remarks: We have managed to raise a kid who has no idea what guns are, what guns do, or what being shot means. Only guns he knows are the water guns. He does know King and his message of “Freedom, Peace, and Love”. I guess, for now, this knowledge will suffice. From our family to yours — may you have freedom, peace, and love.

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One thought on “Freedom, peace, love

  1. “May I have freedom, peace and love. May you have freedom, peace, and love. May we all have freedom, peace, and love.” Amen and thanks for posting.

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