White Sands National Monument

If you are in El Paso, you probably do not want to miss visiting White Sands National Monument in the New Mexico state. White Sands is basically a 275 square miles of desert full of wavy dunes. The gypsum sand makes the dunes all white. When you drive to White Sands, you can see the boundary between the White Sands and non-White Sands, which is pretty amazing! Anyway, you can easily search in the internet to know more about these fun-facts. Therefore, I will just jump to the crucial things you need to remember when you plan to visit the White Sands.


I do not recommend visiting White Sands during the summer (July or even the second half of June). The temperature frequently goes above one hundred degree fahrenheit in the summer. You will rather seek for a shelter instead of enjoying. The best times to be there are Autumn and Spring. We would recommend September, October, early November, February, March, and April. We went there in early November (and later in mid-May; the weather was quite good).

There are life forms even in the desert. You will find a long Interdune Boardwalk in White Sands. If you closely look at the surroundings you will find footprints of animals. We saw footprints of birds only. If you are lucky enough, you might find some volunteers explaining the footprints of other animals. We found someone who was explaining how White Sands were formed. Again, you can look up in the internet. Hearing from the volunteer standing right on top of White Sands was truly different.


Interdune Boardwalk

WhiteSandLizard1 WhiteSandLizard2
There are many exhibits around the Interdune Boardwalk.

You can drive a few miles inside White Sands. Please do remember that there is no shop or restaurant inside. There are few shops, one of which is a gift shop (visitor center), near the entrance area. However, there is merely any food in these shops. If you plan to go there for couple of hours and if you have kids with you, please make sure to take enough food and drink with you. There is a place inside White Sands where there are many open barbecue charcoal grills that you can use.


There are many exciting activities that you can do if you plan ahead. You will be able to find them mostly here in this link: White Sands. Do not miss sledding on the sand. Please make sure to supervise when your children are sledding.

We hope that you will enjoy a visit to the White Sands.

Settle in El Paso team


11 thoughts on “White Sands National Monument

  1. A few years ago we were in White Sands during a wind storm. It was like starring on our own movie, and it looked just like a snowstorm. Even through closed doors and windows, the ranger station had drifts of sand inside.
    1. Sounds like you had quite an adventure. 😀 I agree; White Sands looks like a magical place. Many thanks for visiting and commenting.
  2. You are doing a great think on promoting the nice places where people may come and visit, it looks amazing and maybe you will laugh but I have never seen such a beautiful place, I saw it only in the images but not for real and I guess I will not have the chance to see it for real.
    Thanks for sharing, you gave me the chance to see a wonderful place!
    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am sure you will find beautiful places within a few hundred miles. Natural beauty is everywhere, all over the word. Have a wonderful day.
  3. Great photos and information provided. I have never visited El Paso but the photos look brilliant. I might set the photo as my computer wallpaper.
      1. Thanks for your kind reply, Always love each and every blog on your site. Your blogs create awareness among people and people get to learn a lot. You too have a great week.
  4. I must say that the pictures of White Sands National Monument, as well as the storyline backing it, makes it a great place to visit. I am hopeful of travelling to that side of America soon to enjoy a holiday.
    1. That is great to know that you will be traveling soon. It is a good time to visit White Sands because temperature is not that high now. Thank you for visiting and commenting.
      1. I’m hoping to gather some funds for my trip. I am hopeful of coming around in Texas and while around, will try to connect to you for I have enjoyed reading more of the articles on your blog for they are informative and have helped me in becoming a better person.
  5. The infinite stretch of white sands looks lovely. In our country, we have mountain deserts. There is an infinite stretch of rocks and sands in the mountains. Interestingly, mountains in our home country are some of the world’s tallest mountains including Everest.

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