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Because both of us have full-time jobs outside home, not everything is well-maintained in the home-front. Dear Husband could care less about the lack of tidiness in a home, but my world is driven by visual input. I see things scattered all over the home and my mental to-do list starts growing. Well, now that I am thinking, Dear husband also has strong opinion about things left on counter-tops! He demanded that he be given certain part of the kitchen counter and that the counter should always be empty – ready for him to use when he drives into his cooking frenzy.

Usually, there are tons of other chores waiting for us at the end of the week like cooking, cleaning, grocery, vacuuming, and laundry. So, instead of a restful weekend, we somehow end up with a chore-full weekend. I start dreading wasting the weekends in these mundane tasks and not doing something weekendy, like picnic, going to museums, or doing something fun. So, last week I had a light-bulb moment! Why don’t we try doing some of those chores during the week! Well, to be fair, we are tired by the end of the day, but it is possible to do a thing or two every day or every other day! And doing a few things here and there throughout the week should help to reduce the number of chores during the weekend, right?

My to-do-list of chores.

So, this is what I did – I created a document with seven days and a few chores for most of the days. I had it printed and put up in the refrigerator. These are some things we ‘try’ to do. It’s OK if we miss; it’s just a list of things without any particular order. For last two weeks, we skipped many of these; we did something meant for the other day. And for most of the time, I forget to look at the list! But when I finish a thing or two of these during the week, I feel good about the coming weekend!
I guess this is our first step towards a restful weekend. Overtime, we will have to make new habits of adding at least a thing or two non-chore-thing during the weekend. I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions you may have about having relaxed weekends. Have a great weekend!

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22 thoughts on “Weekend expectations

    1. Haha 😂 I wish I were organized! I am trying to be organized, as much as possible. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend.
  1. I can stand mess for a little while, but then I have to get organized. Your “to do” list at least provides some structure for keeping things together.
    1. Same here, mess makes me uncomfortable. I am certain that the list will change but for the time being, it provides a little structure. Thank you for your comment. Have a great weekend.
    1. Lol, I am not following it that much either. Whatever 1-2 things get done during the week helps a lot. Glad you think it is a good idea. Thanks a ton!
  2. I always meant well — cleaning up, making lists, sorting and giving away what we didn’t need. But it only took a month or two to get cluttered again. Wait. Maybe that was a week or two! Oh, well. Good intentions!
    1. On the same boat here😇 heart has good intentions, only if the could follow through! Well, making a list fills like winning half the battle. I guess it is time to savor a half own battle 😊 thanks for your lovely comment, have a great week.
  3. I love this list you created. I think it helps to get a little bit done each day. I like to see how other people break up daily tasks.
    1. I am glad 😁 that you liked it. I agree, getting even a little bit done each day is sometimes satisfying. Have a great week ahead.
  4. I love your plan. I don’t know if I would follow through, but I am going to give it a try. I am not working and have a very unstructured day. I find if the paperwork and extra clutter is cleaned up I feel better. I recommend scheduling in a Sunday afternoon to spend time together. If you don’t have date nights definitely include them in your schedule. You will create a burnout for yourself and in your marriage. If you have kiddos, bring them along for the Sunday afternoon outing.
    1. Thank you so much for the suggestions. Definitely, I agree with you. Moving the chores to weekdays allows more family-time during the weekends. Slowly, I would like to make both Saturday and Sunday of my chore-to-do-list empty so that we have more family-time. Thanks once again for visiting and providing great suggestions.
    1. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed reading it. The list is indeed evolving! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Have a wonderful weekend.
  5. You made a cleaning list, that is awesome, I’m sure you have a clean house. We don’t and I must say that my wife cleans the house and mop wash every day. She washes the windows, doors, and the bathroom once a week and I don’t know how but there is dust everywhere, maybe because we stay in a house with a yard and our doors and windows are always open!
    1. We also have dusts because there are vents that allow sand particles to come inside the house with the flowing air. Thank you for visiting and commenting.
  6. Wow you are a busy family, I am a bit of a neat freak and like having everything neat and exactly the way it should be, for it’s easy as I work from home. I guess the best advice it to pay someone to help with the chores as this would guarantee a restful and/or adventuress weekend every time. If your like me and you believe if I want something done right I should rather do it myself, then I would say a daily “chores chart” might be the way to go.

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