OMG! I have so many subscribers!

How do we have 2685 subscribers in our blog? I don’t have any idea. I have been struggling for the past two days to reduce this number. You are probably thinking I have gone crazy. Instead of writing an awesome post on how I got more blog subscribers, I am talking about how I should bring this number down. The subscriber-count of our blog became 2,685 from seven hundred something in one day. Shouldn’t I be alarmed?

Why am I trying to bring the subscriber-count down?

I am trying to bring the subscriber-count down because the number is not correct. So far, our blog has 37 user subscribers, 63 email subscribers, and 620 WordPress followers. The total should be 37+63+620=720. I do not have any clue why the total number is 2,685 in the sidebar. In one fine morning, I noticed that the number has increased drastically. I have no clue what happened.

How do I get my subscriber count?

One direct way to obtain the subscriber-count is by using the widget Blog Subscription (Jetpack) after connecting a self-hosted WordPress site to via the Jetpack plugin. A problem is — the Blog Subscription (Jetpack) widget will only give you the number of your WordPress followers.

To include my email subscribers and subscribers with login, I use a PHP code that adds the additional subscriber-counts with the Jetpack provided WordPress follower-count. My PHP code is provided below. I found the code on the Internet. I just changed a thing or two.


$result = count_users();
$subs_count = get_transient('wpcom_subscribers_total');

if (FALSE === $subs_count || 'failed' == $subs_count['status']) {
	Jetpack:: load_xml_rpc_client();
	$xml = new Jetpack_IXR_Client(array('user_id' => JETPACK_MASTER_USER,));
	if ($xml->isError()) { // error
		$subs_count = array(
		'status' => 'failed',
		'code' => $xml->getErrorCode(),
		'message' => $xml->getErrorMessage(),
		'value'=>(isset($subs_count['value']))?$subs_count['value'] : 0,
	} else {
	$subs_count = array(
	'status' => 'success',
	'value' => $xml->getResponse(),

set_transient('wpcom_subscribers_total', $subs_count, 3600); // cache

$active_subscribers = es_cls_dbquery::es_active_subscribers();

echo "Join " . ($active_subscribers+$result['total_users']+$subs_count[value]) . " subscribers.";


This is giving me the message — Join 2685 subscribers.

To the best of my understanding, $active_subscribers gives the count of email subscribers. $result['total_users'] provides the number of subscribed users. Finally, $subs_count[value] is supposed to give me the number of WordPress followers. $subs_count[value] is the part that is coming from via Jetpack. Unfortunately, this number is incorrect. Even Blog Subscription (Jetpack) widget from Jetpack is giving me this large value instead of anything closer to 720.

My conclusion

I think, Jetpack is doing this mistake. Probably something updated automatically in the past few days. Maybe after the update the code is not doing what it is supposed to do. I do not know. is showing me that I have 620 WordPress followers, whereas Jetpack is reading the number as 2585. Added with my email and account subscribers the total is showing up as 2685, where it is supposed to be 720.

What will I do now?

I will study more to see if I can see the bottom (or top) of it. Meantime, you know that our subscriber-count is not that large (I wish it was). It is actually 720, as of today (August 19).

Please let me know if you have a clue.

Settle in El Paso team

Update (August 22):

I wrote to first. They instantly responded that it is not their headache because our blog is a self-hosted WordPress website. They suggested I contact the Support.

I wrote to and they provided me with a surprising information. As of August 18, 2018, Jetpack includes social followers — Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and any social media Publicized/connected via Jet pack — in the subscriber count. This is the reason why I have this jump of subscribers. Well … that explains a lot. Here is the conversation I had with a moderator: Link.

I got my answer! Hurrah … my phantom subscribers are real! 🙂

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78 thoughts on “OMG! I have so many subscribers!

  1. If you find out who those followers are, could you please send some over to me? Are you sure you weren’t picked as one of the featured blogs at WordPress discover?
    1. Haha … I will definitely send some over to your site if they are real. I do not think any of our posts was picked at WordPress Discover. Thank you for such a great wishful thought though. Have a wonderful day (and a great eclipse time). 🙂
  2. That’s strange about the number increasing that much in one day. You could always message WordPress, if that is who your blog is through, and ask them. They have always answered my questions pertaining to anything when I’ve wondered if it is a “glitch” 🙂
    1. This is a great suggestion. I never communicated with WordPress. I will definitely contact them. Thank you for visiting and providing this suggestion. Have a wonderful day.
    1. Haha … Yes definitely. I think, this is a glitch. Time will say. 🙂 Thank you for visiting and commenting.
    1. I wish too it were true. 🙂 I will be happy to share. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful day.
  3. I don’t chase followers, in actual fact I actively dump them if they don’t regularly read my posts, so I haven’t noticed this particular error in said program but there are heaps of other errors generated by it that go un-repaired. I wont go into detail here but the system of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ and the system of statistic collection via that program is at times woeful. It’s a necessary evil because the guts of the system is a closed book and writing new code and new programs to get around the technical parts of it is near impossible for someone on the outside. Help is almost no existent and what it comes down to is using but never relying on anything it says as 100% accurate.
    1. Haha 😂 well said.

      I am pretty confident the problem will be resolved, probably with the next update of jetpack or WordPress. Again, as you pointed out, this would still be relying on what existing programs tell us.

      I like your not chasing followers strategy. At my end, I like to believe that someone pressed the follow button or subscribed via email because he/she thought at least for once that my posts will be of use someway. The feeling of being able to help is always great.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Weird 🙂
    That last line of the PHP seems to be adding a lot of counts together, but I don’t know PHP so there you go. Maybe they’re WordPress-sponsored phantom followers who drift from blog to blog, spreading happiness and confusion.
    1. Haha … I love the phantom analogy. Yes the last line is adding three items one of which is number of WordPress followers including the phantom followers. 😀 Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful day.
  5. Extra followers is a problem I’d love to have. However, it sounds like your number might be inflated with non-existent followers. Good luck straightening this out.
    1. Haha … Definitely a good problem to have. I have just updated the post with an additional piece of information. I have found that Jetpack is now including social media in the subscriber count. This is why I saw this rise of number of subscribers. 🙂 Have a wonderful day.
    1. I asked Support about it. They have responded that Jetpack is now including social media followers as subscribers. This is the reason why subscriber count of my site looks this large. It actually now includes Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ readers. This is the story behind such an increase all of a sudden. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.
  6. Awesome! Social media followers should be counted, anyway. Settle in El Paso is famous. Whoop, whoop! 🙂
  7. This is interesting bit of information, thanks for sharing. I have been wondering if i should make the switch to, which I think you already have. If you have any tips, experiences to share on this I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
    1. Yes, I have the self-hosted site. That actually means, that I have downloaded a blog management software from and installed it in the server where our blog is kept (or, it was preinstalled by the hosting service). I think, you also have a self-hosted site, given that you have your own domain. site that allows free blogs. The community is vibrant too. This is why many self-hosted blog owners prefer to connect to via jetpack from their self-hosted site.

      I took a look at your blog, which is amazing. You already have a self-hosted site (I think, it is a site). Also you are connected to via jetpack, I believe. I am saying this because I have seen the like buttons on your posts that usually come when is connected using Jetpack.

      Thank you. very much for visiting and commenting. Please let me know if you have any question.

  8. Sometimes you can’t trust numbers lol but I hope this blog will have a lot of subscribers in the near future just like the counter suggests.
    1. Thank you for wishful thought. I noticed that number of Twitter subscribers/followers increase at a faster rate than other social media. Thank you for visiting and commenting.
    1. Thank you for your comment and the wish. Many subscribers here are Twitter as well as Facebook followers. Have a wonderful day.
      1. I recently checked now and you have increased your subscribers by nearly 100 in 4 days. This is great news. At this rate you will have a large number of subscribers in no time. Keep up the good work and keep providing us more and more knowledge.
        1. Thank you for the calculation. Twitter subscribers are increasing fast. Email subscribers too. Thank you for the well wish.
          1. You are increasing your subscribers at a fast rate. Congratulations to you for increasing Twitter and Email subscribers. I wish you all the luck in the world to achieve your desired goals. Your content is getting amazing day by day. Your content is helping me and many others around the world to know new things.
  9. Good for you that the numbers are real. Your added followers are from facebook, twitter, and google +. Congratulations! I find your blog informative. That is maybe the reason you gained more followers, you have amazing contents. Just keep the topic and information flooded in your blog, so us, your subscriber will learn a lot from you. Thanks again.
  10. First of all, congratulations for 2685 suscribers! keep going!!
    Jetpack is really a cool thing! I am gonna install it in my wordpress blog very soon.
  11. I really think you are crazy (joking) if you want to count down the number of your subscribers. You should be happy even I the number of 720 is not equal with 2685, I would be glad if I would have at least 500 subscribers to my blog.
    Your work was appreciated and rewarded, you should be proud of your blog and your work.
    1. Haha … Thank you very much for the kinds words. The current count includes social media like Facebook and Twitter. This is why it looks large. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.
  12. Haha, that is really weird. But if I was you I don’t think that I’d be so worried from the beginning, can it actually hurt your website if there’s some error with the displayed followers or? Sorry, I don’t have deep knowledge when it comes to things like these. That’s why I love your whole little investigation and I am happy that you managed to find out where the real secret was hidden! It’s a pretty neat feature of them adding the social followers to the total count. I like that.

    Also as of right now, it says that you have “2746 subscribers” so congratulations, you keep growing steadily! Well deserved 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words. yes, subscribers are growing, especially because we are becoming more active in the social media, I guess. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.
  13. Wow! Hopefully, you find out how you got the mysterious subscribers! I’d happily take them off your hands haha! Maybe your blog was featured somewhere? Mine was featured or tweet about by WordPress and I got an increase in subscribers, but that’s the only explanation I can think of! Another alternative is to contact WordPress and see if they can look at the analytics and see where the subscribers were coming from?
    1. Yes, I contacted WordPress. They have informed me that Jetpack now includes Social media like Twitter and Facebook followers. That is why my subscribers count became large after the jetpack update. Thank you for visiting and commenting.
  14. PHP can be pretty buggy, but your blog have a pretty good content, so I really think you deserve this amount of subs. It could be also something conected with social medias. Best of luck and cheers!
  15. OOPS I commented on Google + when I meant to comment here. So funny! (especially given the topic of your post)

    Very interesting post. Thank you. <3 I love your blog – it has a lovely feeling to it. Have a beautiful weekend and blessings to you and your family. Great that your blog is a family blog!

    1. I am so happy to know that you love this blog! I watched your welcoming video on your blog. You have such a lovely voice and a lovely smile, and you said so lovely things about forgiveness that my eyes literally were filled with tears.

      I too wish you a wonderful weekend and all lovely days.

  16. I know now why your subscriber count double in numbers, because of the topics. You have a wonderful and informative post for all ages, specially family matters. Keep the post coming and we are waiti g to see more of your adventures in El Paso. Congrats!
  17. Good to hear that your 2685 subscribers are not fake. It must be lovely to know that you have so many subscribers for your blog (including social media followers of course as well).
    1. Yes, it is good to know that the number of subscribers including social media is increasing everyday. Thank you for visiting and commenting on this blog. Have a wonderful day.
    1. Yes, I contacted WordPress. They have informed me that Jetpack now includes Social media like Twitter and Facebook followers. The subscribers include Facebook and Twitter. This is why it is large. Thank you for visiting and commenting.
  18. Well you certainly have an interesting problem! I’m not sure that having too many subscribers would be a bad problem however. It’s amazing how much of a boost you can see in your following once you add in Facebook, Twitter, and all of those other social media sites!
    1. Haha … Yes, when the number increased drastically my first impression was that my website is giving errors. 🙁 Now I know that my social media subscribers are included.

      About social media, in my experience, it is more common to have more social medial followers with some or little activities than email subscribers. Number of Twitter subscribers increases very quickly with some activities. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful day.

  19. I was just about to suggest you go to but then read the update. 🙂 It’s always good to know everything’s doing just fine, really. Congrats! (By the way) >-I
    1. Thank you for thinking about suggesting and for congratulating. I appreciate your visit and comment. Have a wonderful day.
  20. I’m not sure about blogs, but a forum can gain a lot of members who could care less about your forum. Instead, they’re simply signing up for a profile link. In that case, I’d rather have them gone, even if their presence means larger numbers – because ultimately, it’s fake.
  21. I would just like to congratulate you on your subscriber numbers. Whether they are at 720 or over 2,000, the numbers are impressive and something to be proud of. Your hard work and attention to detail have paid off. The way your posts are constructed shows that you are thinking about what is visually appealing and computer screen layout compatible. The posts are easy to understand and navigate, and have an eye catching quality that makes you want to look at them. It is no mistake or accident that you have so many subscribers.
  22. I can’t help but laugh right now. Don’t know if it’s your humor or style of writing, I just have to say this: I enjoy every piece I read on this blog. I love the way you introduce a product and the talk about reducing your no subscribers. I don’t think I’ve come across anyone wanting to reduce their no followers. It’s quiet unusual as everyone is needing to increase following on social media.

    Jetpack is an awesome tool, I don’t use it but I know a few who does. Your problem is probably coming from WordPress. Go over the checks again.

  23. Great post!! I was very intrigued from the first sentence. I have just recently started a new WordPress blog and am unsure about Jetpack. I must admit the progression on my blog is coming along rather slowly, however you have definitely boosted my confidence on using Jetpack! I am trying to learn how to design my blog myself this go around. I found it very useful that you included the php code, and how you located it. I was unaware that you could find them online and just copy and paste them to your blog! I have always heard, “You learn something new Everyday!” I have definitely learned some very helpful and useful information today! Keep up the great blogging!

    Do you have a favorite website where you find php code?

    1. Thank you very much for visiting, commenting, and the kind words.

      This particular code, as far I can recall, is a part of a public plugin and the source-code is somewhere on the internet. It could be even a part of Jetpack. I have forgotten the exact location. Sorry about that. I just modified one or two lines of the code to display the numbers.

      I do not have any favorite place to search for php codes. I search with a problem. Codes may appear in the search result, or not, as a solution.

      Thanks again. Have a wonderful day.

  24. Great job for increasing your subscribers! I do also want to start my own blog but struggle to find what niche should i go with and i even think of Vlogging instead of blogging. What do you think is much better than the two? i love to tell stuffs about mysteries and the unknown but a bit skeptic on what will happen. Any way your numbers are not stopping to get higher and i congratulate you on that!
    1. Both are great 👍. For mysteries, blogging sounds more interesting but vlogging can be more unique. Please share the link when you have the blog or the channel or both.

      Thank you for the kind words, visiting, and commenting.

  25. I don’t know how 2685 subscribers appeared if you say you have only 720 subscribers in real time. What defines this number is your work, dedication, and talent to write. When people find a blog that is written well and have interesting posts they become loyal visitors and they may bring other people to subscribe to your blog.
    So, I think you should feel proud to see that your work is appreciated and loved by many!
    1. Haha … I appreciate the kind words you have written on this post. Thank you so much for all your comments and regular visits on this blog. Have a wonderful evening.
    2. Yes, she does a great job. The posts contain very clear and informative illustrations, something likely to attract loyal visitors to the site.
  26. So if you connect your self-hosted WordPress site with through Jet Pack, it will count your social media followers also as the followers of your blog. This is a new information. I have less than 100 followers on my blog, however, I have 6.5 followers on Twitter. If I connect my site with my wordpress account via jet pack, my total followers will be too big.
    1. Yes, that is what it is going to be in a follower count widget from now — the total of connected social media, and WordPress followers.
  27. Before I don’t understand people who always ask to subscribe to their channel or like their post but now I believe that it’s really going to help you a lot if you’re an online freelancer. If you’re in affiliate marketing or you want to advertise a product, you don’t need to worry about getting a traffic for your blog. You can easily spread your advertisement and you’re sure that they’ll take notice of it.
  28. Its important to reach more people so somehow i understand why you do that. It is just simply getting more famous now 🙂
  29. Wow! This is real! Thank you for this information. It really works!
  30. Wow! I wish I could have that kinda number on my youtube account. It is very hard to invite someone or convince people to follow your blogs /subscribe because most of them are more on reality and entertainment. Though the topic is very useful and informative to others, but subscribers are looking for some kind of excitement and pleasures nowadays. If you have 720 subs already , it explains that you are effective and followers are very interested on your various topics. Two thumbs up for you man! Keep it up.
  31. Hmmnn. I have a question! If that really is the case, would that phenomenon raise some problems for you and your blog in the future?! If yes, what kind of problems would that might be?! Thanks in advance for answering my query 🙂
  32. I believe it could just be a bug. Or probably just late update of numbers of your subscribers. At least, it’s not about diminishing numbers of subscribers but increasing. Congrats! Keep up the good work.

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