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My Social Anxiety Disorder --- How do I handle it

I had Social Anxiety Disorder. I think, I still have it to an extent. Suppressing Social Anxiety Disorder becomes easier with age, at least I feel that way. There are some Amazon affiliate links in this post. We will receive an incentive if you use the Amazon affiliate links to purchase anything with no extra […] Read More »

Seven reasons to move to El Paso

This is a guest post written by an El Paso native, Ali Walker. Ali is an Attorney at The Walker Law Firm. She graduated with honors from The University of Texas at Austin and received the Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree from the University of Colorado. During her law school, Ali served as a legal extern […] Read More »

Freedom, peace, love

Dear Son: Dad, do you know who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was? Dear Dad: Yes, I do. Dear Son: Well, I have news for you. Dear Dad: What is it? Dear Son: He is dead. Dear Dad: Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Dear Son: Do you know how he died? Dear Dad: […] Read More »

Getting the most out of the dull gray winter days

The lingering cold of the winter days can be ruthless. Much of the US is now blanketed in snow. The picture is entirely different in El Paso. We barely had snow this year. Yet, the days are cold, windy, and gray. I (dear mom) have a bitter-sweet relationship with winter. I cannot stand cold, yet […] Read More »

Money saving tips for a family

How many times have you thought of tracking, planning, and budgeting your expenses? We had thought about it many times. In the last few years, we have really started to figure out the areas where we can cut expenses without major changes in lifestyle. Speaking of lifestyle — priorities have shifted in the last few […] Read More »

Boosting cellphone signal (without spending money) if you live in a weak signal reception area

Strength of cellphone signal is critical to good communication with friends and family, nowadays. Signal strength at your home depends on how far you are from a cell tower, or if you live near a mountain, or near some interference zone. Our home is a victim of weak cellphone signals. 🙁 We do not have […] Read More »

How much extra am I paying for my mortgage --- understanding mortgage better

One of the biggest monthly expenditures of most families is mortgage. For many, the minimum payment may not look that big compared to a rental. As a result, putting worries about mortgage aside quickly becomes a convenience. After all, we have many more things to be anxious about in our life including college fund, retirement, […] Read More »

How to encourage children's positive eating habits

Children enjoy rules and discipline, as long as these rules are reinforced in a positive way with a smile. Here is my smiley face 🙂 Encourage positive eating habits from day one, with a smiley face. Well … day one might be a bit early but as soon as your child can use the highchair, […] Read More »

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We wish you the best in this holiday season and also in the rest of the year. What did Santa do today? Santa brought “presends”. Dear Son is in the kindergarten. A boy from the third grade sent a letter to Dear Son — the […] Read More »

Sight words to develop children's reading skills

Sight words play a major role in developing children’s reading skills. It is a common practice that early learning centers, Pre-K, and kindergarten classes give some levels of efforts on teaching sight words to children. We are happy to find that all elementary schools under the El Paso Independent School District stress a lot on […] Read More »

Childhood obesity assessment and prevention

This is one of our awareness posts. This time the topic is — Childhood obesity and overweight. Childhood obesity between ages 2 to 19 in the United States is concerning. More than 12 million children and teenagers in USA suffer from obesity, which is around 17% of the population between ages 2 and 19. That […] Read More »

How to improve reading skills of children

Five foundational reading skills — phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension — are known to be crucial in early learning. While daycares, preschools, and kindergarten classes focus a lot on helping children improve reading skills, a major part of this particular development depends on the reading culture of the family. Especially, the fluency, vocabulary, […] Read More »

About some Black Friday deals

Update on November 26, 2017: Black Friday is over. The listing in this post contains current promotional codes. These are not Black Friday deals. You might have already noticed that some Black Friday deals have become active on Amazon. A number of deals caught my attention today, among which Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, Fire […] Read More »

How to determine anxiety level

Worries come as a byproduct when families have children. Of course, family photos on the social media only portray the happiness (well … most of them). Anxiety is latent. Will my child be bullied in his kinder class? or will Dear Son eat lunch? Or, will he go potty in school or will I find […] Read More »

Why I love visiting New Mexico Museum of Space History

Living in El Paso, Texas has the charm of being close to many attractions. Not that we are travel-addict — rather quite the contrary. Going here and there around helps charging up for some days. Moreover, Dear Son needs to see things, create memories, and gather some tales to tell for the future. That being […] Read More »

Will you get what you pay for the new Tailwind Tribe?

It is hard to answer if we will get what we would pay for the new Tailwind Tribe. Sorry, I started without a context, which is not polite. Please allow me to describe. What is Tailwind? Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler: tailwindapp.com . Many bloggers use it to keep their Pinterest profile active. […] Read More »

Some limited time promotions and deals on Amazon

We have access to some promotional offers since we joined the Amazon Associates Program. These offers come with some promo codes that we are more than happy to share with our readers. Manufacturers create these promo codes to attract traffic to their products. We tried to provide some lucrative promotional offers in this post. You […] Read More »

Pumpkin/squash blossom stir-fry recipe

Texan cuisine has been influenced by many cultures. Among all the Texan cuisines, Tex-Mex cuisine is quite common and popular in the El Paso region. A seasonal Tex-Mex delicacy is pumpkin or squash blossom. One of the reasons why I look forward to the pumpkin season and the pumpkin fest is the availability of pumpkin […] Read More »

Five most annoying greetings

Greetings have emerged from Hi, Hello, Good morning, Good day, to many types of expressions in modern days. Not sure if many of the modern greetings were there a few decades ago. Some of these are really annoying greetings. This post outlines some of the annoying greetings, I feel I should talk about. 🙂 What’s […] Read More »

Free printable halloween invitation cards

We have created five different halloween invitation cards, which we thought you might like to use. We wish we could take the full credit — we used Canva templates to create all these invitation cards. All JPG card files provided with this post are of high quality (300 DPI) and each can be printed on […] Read More »

How to run a drip line for your garden plants

While it is a great fun to use the garden hose to water plants, it might be difficult doing so everyday. On the other hand, plants on the Chihuahuan Desert won’t grow without high quality love and affection from the garden owner. 🙂 An automated sprinkler system and a drip line will automatically demonstrate the […] Read More »

How do you know it is time to quit your job?

Hmm! You will know when it is time to quit your job. The universe will give you signs. Seeing those signs is as plain and simple as peanut butter and jelly sandwich being the best food in the world. Well … I am not good at metaphors. So, let’s not talk about the peanut butter […] Read More »

OMG! I have so many subscribers!

How do we have 2685 subscribers in our blog? I don’t have any idea. I have been struggling for the past two days to reduce this number. You are probably thinking I have gone crazy. Instead of writing an awesome post on how I got more blog subscribers, I am talking about how I should […] Read More »

A few terrible warnings

We were traveling on Saturday, not anywhere near Charlottesville, Virginia. Our route covered from the far Western side of Texas to the Tularosa Basin of the Chihuahuan Desert in the New Mexico state. We stopped at a restaurant for lunch where we saw two Warning signs. There will be no warning shot The first sign […] Read More »

Is your city water safe to drink?

Drinking water is a concern for everyone. The concern is quadrupled with little ones at home. Is my child receiving the best water? Is the water arsenic free? What if there is lead in the drinking water? All kinds of questions to worry about. My dentist said that the city water is good because it […] Read More »

Sprinkler valve installation DIY

Sprinkler valve installation is an easy DIY. You will know how easy it is if you just do it once. In this post, we will explain from very scratch, (1) what is a sprinkler valve, (2) what are the sprinkler valve options, (3) how to install a sprinkler valve. Well … we will explain many […] Read More »

Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin

This post is written in the voice of a (cranky) great-grandma of a neighbor. She will tell us today about Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin. I was patient with her and as a result I received great information about some great books. I suggest you remain calm as well. She is “all talk” and in real […] Read More »

The past and present satire

We hear the phrase — good old days — a lot. This is funny because a few memories of my childhood scare me to death now. For example, when a family member went for shopping she/he had to be off the grid for a few hours. When my dad traveled, we had to wait for […] Read More »

When you know you're screwed

Life is so complex and there are too many ways to be screwed. We came up with only four “you’re screwed” drawings for this post. We may come up with more “you’re screwed” satire in the future. Caution: Please note that this post is a “you’re screwed” satire. Therefore, the phrase “you’re screwed” will repeat […] Read More »

Water safety for kids

All kids enjoy playing with water. Our little one enjoys water regardless of its size — a swimming pool or a plastic kiddie pool or even a glass of water on the floor. As much fun as it can be with water, parents need to make sure that safety precautions are always in place around […] Read More »

How to connect PVC to Poly pipe

Connecting PVC to a poly pipe is not as difficult as it sounds at first. This post uses infographics and a video to demonstrate how to connect PVC to Poly pipe. Such connections are sometimes required for garden irrigation. Most domestic outdoor water lines are PVC pipes, which normally do not bend much. Poly pipes […] Read More »

Digging a trench without a trencher

Digging a trench in the backyard for sprinklers can be a daunting task if the soil is rocky and if you do not own or rent a trencher. Now, why on earth will you dig a trench without a trencher. Well, since you asked, … here are a few reasons: Your local hardware shops do […] Read More »

How to text and drive

We are extremely sorry to say that we cannot text and drive anymore. It really surprises us why state governments do not realize the necessity of being tech-savvy in everyday life. Texting and driving (at the same time) is one of the most tech-savvy activities that has driven millennials as well as modern adults of […] Read More »

A child asks dad, "Why are your breasts so small?"

I am sure the question in the title of the post, “Why are your breasts so small?”, has raised many eyebrows. Actually, this is the question Dear Son asked me today. Dear Son is four years old. As his Dear Dad, I was not sure what to answer. I am sure all parents have some […] Read More »

The Toy Train Depot of Alamogordo

If you are near west Texas or if you visit the southern part of the New Mexico state and if you have kids, you probably do not want to miss the Toy Train Depot of Alamogordo. The Toy Train Depot has a toy store, a museum containing miniature model-trains from different times, and a train […] Read More »

How did I reduce bounce rate by 45% overnight?

A blogger’s dream is that readers will read their posts. This is obvious. Otherwise, we won’t be blogging, rather we would be writing diaries in the first place. By definition, a blog is an online diary that is public. We do not want our readers to bounce to any page other than our blog. Bounce […] Read More »

How to check if you use the permissive parenting style

Permissive parenting style is the last one in Dr. Phil’s list of parenting styles. The quiz questions of this post are directly borrowed from Dr. Phil’s parenting quiz document. The following quiz has ten questions. It will tell you what level of permissive parenting style your are using out of these four levels: high identification […] Read More »

How do you know you are an equalitarian parent?

In our previous post, we explained the Authoritarian parenting style. This post focuses on equalitarian parenting style. An equalitarian parent believes that children should have preferences. Equalitarian parents give choices to their children. Rules are simple in such families. Equalitarian parents discuss the reasons behind the rules with their children. Parents using equalitarian parenting style […] Read More »

Check if you are using the authoritarian parenting style

Authoritarian parenting style provides clear and inflexible rules for children. A parent sets the family goals and expectations in this parenting style. There is nothing bad about authoritarian parenting. It is just one of the three styles — Authoritarian, Equalitarian, and Permissive, as described by Dr. Phil. Authoritarian parenting is known to be decisive, efficient, […] Read More »

How to avoid summer learning loss

Summer Learning Loss refers to the loss of academic skills during summer holidays. Younger kids suffer from this loss more than the older kids. Preventing or minimizing summer learning loss is not much difficult with a good summer-activity plan. Some activities and plans are highlighted below. Dear Son is still a preschooler. We have observed […] Read More »

What to pack for a zoo trip with a kid

We visited El Paso Zoo a few times in the last few years. Pre-K is a great time when children enjoy watching all the beautiful animals in the zoo. Going to a zoo with a preschooler cannot be a random and sudden decision though. We need some preparations. Like many other lists, we have one […] Read More »

Our first post on hubpages on intersex awareness

We always wanted to make a difference. Making a difference is not easy. It needs time, patience, and effort. Blogging needs all these three things, especially when you want to make a difference. While we are willing to give the effort to make a difference, we are running a little low in the time and […] Read More »

How to remove location information from your photos

Smartphones, most of the times by default, add location information with photos taken by the phone-camera. You may prefer to remove the location information before uploading them to Facebook page or to any other social media. Now the question is how do we remove location information from photos. Can I see the location information of […] Read More »

How to hide your identity for anonymous blogging

Well … it is hard to do anonymous blogging nowadays. There are many things that will reveal a blogger’s identity. For example, writing your own name in the blog will reveal your identity! I am just kidding. A common one is, writing your real name during an email communication. I did that a few times […] Read More »

Teacher appreciation week

Dear Son’s daycare (Pre-K) center is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. The daycare has become his second family in the last few years. Since Dear Son was five months old, he is staying with his teachers during the daytime of weekdays. That is, Dear Son spends most of his conscious times with his teachers during weekdays. […] Read More »

Wish of an introvert blogger

I am an introvert but do not worry… I will not bite you. You do not have to fix me either. For a long long time, from my childhood through adulthood, I thought that being an introvert is a disorder (I probably did not think that it is a disorder, rather I thought that it […] Read More »

Intersex babies --- I have to take care of God's creation

We wake up in the morning. Then, we get ready for the day. We go to work. Sometimes, we talk about Obamacare with colleagues. Often, we talk about Trump. We also talk about vampier movies. Sometimes we feel bored. We cry out — I need a vacation. Have we ever considered that we are super-blessed? […] Read More »

How to blur the background of a photo

I am not a good photographer. In fact, I know nothing about photography. The blurry background of a photograph always amazes me. I know how to do that using iPhone’s macro thingy. 🙂 Of course, DSLR camera could give me such natural romantic-blurry-dreamy pictures but I am not into DSLR yet. No way I am […] Read More »

Caffeine during pregnancy

Maternal nutrition is very important while an embryo/fetus is still developing. Parents need to take extra caution considering that some of the products adults consume can be damaging to the baby’s health whilst in the uterus and later on in life. I avoided all sorts of caffeine when Dear Son was in the tummy. I […] Read More »

Parenting: the power and peril of setting boundaries

As you know, we are a family of three. We did not have a good idea about parenting. I (Dear Mom) thought I will grow an ‘instinct’, a ‘motherly instinct’ to be precise, with the birth of Dear Son. That did happen. Dear Son’s cry would trigger a primitive sense of panic unlike anything else […] Read More »

Is higher education worth the time and money? John’s question and Jane’s answer.

By higher education, we mean any education after High School. Based on 2015 Census report, around 88% of the U.S. population have high school diploma, around 59% have some college or higher degree, 32.5%  have Bachelor’s degree or more. 12% of our population have advanced degree (like Master’s or Ph.D.). While the population with a […] Read More »

Weekend expectations

Because both of us have full-time jobs outside home, not everything is well-maintained in the home-front. Dear Husband could care less about the lack of tidiness in a home, but my world is driven by visual input. I see things scattered all over the home and my mental to-do list starts growing. Well, now that […] Read More »

Alcohol while breastfeeding

Should breastfeeding moms drink? What is the effect of drinking on the baby while breastfeeding? What planning is required? The post answers these questions. Read More »

Veggie-Tuna-Shrimp soup recipe

I love to cook. Dear Wife also loves to cook. Over time, her expertise has grown well in the dessert area while mine has extended in the main dish area. When we invite friends or colleagues at our place for dinner or a weekend-lunch, they cordially thank Dear Wife after the main dish. Guests realize […] Read More »

Survey: Why should women join the STEM fields?

STEM refers to academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We have seen many discussions over the last few years on why there are so few women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Implicit bias, stereotypical threats, social force including bullying in school, family responsibilities, and many other factors have been already identified and […] Read More »

Why I wake up early

Well. They say, you cannot win every battle in life. Hmm… now that I am rethinking, I do not think anyone said that you cannot win every battle. Rather, the saying is — Some battles are not worth fighting. If we would like to reach workplace by 8am, we should leave home by 7am given […] Read More »

The battle of breakfast

Mornings are busy times. Both of us work, so we leave home early. With a pre-scholar on board, the rush is real. Today, I (Dear Mom of Dear Son) am going to share our breakfast battle. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, we can give so little time to it. Over […] Read More »

How to create a blog from scratch

Well nothing in this world can be started from scratch … 🙂 You know what I mean; everything has some parts already done. I would like to create a blog; what would I do? I asked Dear Wife last year, when I felt that I would like to write about my feelings, about anything I […] Read More »

Cinderella-Ballerina-Rapunzel or Spiderman-Batman-Superman?

I, Dear Mom or Dear Wife of Settle in El Paso team, attended a workshop on the International Women’s Day that discussed interesting points about gender stereotypes. I would like to share some of those items. Interpretation of the word ‘No’ When told ‘No’, men and women have different ways of interpreting the word. Women […] Read More »

Things to consider during child care search

Childcare is working parents’ main concern. Astute readers with children already know that the quality of the daycare and the care the teachers provide are the most important factors under consideration during a daycare-center search. One may think what is there to do other than feeding and changing diapers. If we count the hours on weekdays, […] Read More »

Should we invest in stocks or in mutual funds?

One of the strategies we follow in our financial planning is safe investments. However, investment is never safe. The question is how much risk we should take. Investment is not our main stream of income. We use it as a mean of savings. This is one of the reasons we take low risks in the area of investment. […] Read More »

Three things about audience to keep in mind while writing a post

Well… There are millions of things to keep in mind while writing a blog-post; I am just listing three items because these are the critical ones that stay in my mind constantly regardless of what type of post I am writing. There are hundreds of types of articles in the blog-world, for instance, travel stories, […] Read More »

How to select a school district

How to select a school district is a difficult question for every parent. There are too many parameters involved. The most straightforward classification of schools are: Private and Public. Let us discuss a little bit about these two types of schools. Private schools: If you are leaning toward private schools then 90% of your problem is already […] Read More »

Hand, foot, and mouth disease in children

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is very common in children. Given that it is caused by a virus, there is not much to do as a cure of this disease. In USA, every years there are more than 200,000 reported cases of Hand, foot, and mouth disease. Infants and preschoolers are affected more than adults. […] Read More »

The gift of being there

This is dear wife. We have been married for a while. Before getting married, I was a person passionate about giving gifts. I loved picking out gifts for the people who meant a lot in my life. I liked to show my gratitude through gifts. Likewise, I also expected gifts in special occasion. Things did […] Read More »

What to do if you smell gas odor in your home

Well… Natural gas cannot be smelled in its original form because it is odorless. Gas companies add some chemical compounds that are harmless but have a sulfur-like odor so that we can recognize possible gas hazards. We smelled such an odor in our home last evening. We immediately opened the windows and doors and then […] Read More »

Six classes of healthy food for kids

Dear Son’s food behavior seems to be highly motivated by what Dear Mom ate when she was pregnant. Dear Son does not like those items much that Dear Mom did not eat regularly when Dear Son was being cooked inside the tummy. 🙂 He is currently four. We have been trying to give him varieties […] Read More »

Parachuter from the North Franklin Mountain

Living near the North Franklin Mountain of El Paso has been an excitement for us. Last weekend, we saw two skydivers parachuting and gracefully landing at the bottom of the mountain. We were having our afternoon tea and enjoying the mountain-view. We noticed a bird, which in a few minutes appeared to be a parachute. […] Read More »

Embracing death gracefully: the changed perspective

As we said in another post, we had a month-long trip to our parents and relatives. It was amazing, especially for Dear Son. During this trip, I realized a strength of my family that I considered a dark side for a long time. It is about how my family deals with death of a family […] Read More »

Magoffin Home State Historic Site

Happy new year! It has been some time since we published our last post. We know that our readers are damn worried without any post from us. Bazinga 🙂 … we are kidding. I am sure no one noticed that we have not posted anything in a while. Anyway, we are kind of having a […] Read More »

Thanksgiving parade in El Paso

Legend has it that the Thanksgiving Parade in El Paso was previously a New Year’s Day Parade. I said “Legend has it”, not because the information is mystical but because I like the sound of the phrase “Legend has it”. 🙂 Actually, it is a historical fact that the town of El Paso arranged the […] Read More »

Toys for children of different ages

Dear Husband has been diligently writing for this blog. While we do most of the activities together, there are areas where one of us has no clue how the other one does things. For example, I do not know what magic Dear Husband uses to keep Dear Son so calm and composed. When I am […] Read More »

Developing early math skills

Learning is different with different kids. Yes, of course there are expectations based on age groups but there are also studies on different teaching techniques and their effectiveness. No, I do not have the references to these studies. I read from the Internet but unfortunately, I am not that organized to keep the references. 🙁 […] Read More »

Pumpkin smash in a pumpkin fest

Given his age, Dear Son enjoyed no more than four pumpkin festivals so far, among which he barely remembers one. We know how much he loves the countryside drives and the visits to the front yard produce-sales of the nearby growers during the weekends. We knew that he would enjoy the pumpkin fest. Despite having […] Read More »

Spiderman needs separated pants and shirt

I, Dear Dad, was planning on Dear Son’s halloween costume. I always have smart plans (please read as easy plans). Yes, I like to keep life simple. 🙂 The plan was to take Dear Son to a costume shop and ask which costume he liked the most. Didn’t I say I always have smart plans? […] Read More »

The Lone Mountain-Star of El Paso

It has been more than three years since we moved to El Paso, Texas from the East Coast. The Star on the East side of the Franklin mountain of El Paso gave us goosebumps when we first came; it has been giving us goosebumps till today. We took the picture above a few months ago […] Read More »

Potty training

We were damn worried about the title of this post. Many items popped up in mind, for example, “potty training guidelines”, or “potty training in 3 days” or may be “potty training in a few years”, or “potty training meme”, or even “how to control a pooping machine”. (Please accept my apology for the language) […] Read More »

The Third of Three Days Three Quotes: Abraham Lincoln

“As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.” — Abraham Lincoln, August 1, 1858. Civilizations have their won pace and course of enhancements over time. Once in a while, a […] Read More »

The Second of Three Days Three Quotes: Albert Einstein

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Modesty is a virtue that only smartest people have. 🙂 Yes, the quote, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” comes from once known to be the smartest person on earth, Albert Einstein. Einstein was not only a genius but also a […] Read More »

The First of Three Days Three Quotes: Mother Teresa

“I think, love begins at home.” Love is complicated — this is what we might have heard many times. We learnt that love is very simple when our son was born. There is no condition in love for kids. There is nothing complex about it. I mean, childbirth is definitely complex but love is not. […] Read More »

Movie night at UTEP

In one of our earlier posts, we mentioned that the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) has educational opportunities and activities for all. In addition, they arrange fun activities. We described one such event, Annual Splash ‘n’ Sparks, in another post a few months ago. Today’s post is going to be another local event […] Read More »

Mountains from the sky

I was traveling from destination A to destination B a few years back. The pilot mentioned, “You should be able to see this and that mountain if you are in the right side of the plane”. I got a chance to take some pictures because I was in the lucky side of the aircraft. 🙂 […] Read More »

Spring water and nostalgia

We got quite some opportunities to GO PLACES (this is not a Toyota ad 🙂 ), years before our son was born. We still have opportunities but baggages become larger than before when there is a kid. It was during the smaller baggage days. 🙂 One such memory lane was created when we visited Yellowstone in some deep […] Read More »

Water in the desert

El Paso is a special border town, which is a part of a triplet El Paso–Juárez–Las Cruces. El Paso is in Texas, USA. Las Cruces is in the New Mexico state of USA. Juárez is in the neighbor country, Mexico. Nature has a different border system. 🙂 El Paso is located in the Chihuahuan Desert, […] Read More »

Web information on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting

Resources are abundant in the Internet. We now-a-days jump to the internet before speaking with anyone about anything. Our search spans from searching a place to finding online reviews to doing extensive research for educational materials to why our baby’s poop is black. 🙂 We searched for many items related to our child over the last few years. I (Dear […] Read More »

Postpartum depression and challenges

In one of our last posts under the maternity category, we listed baby-related activities including feeding, burping, and sleeping. In reality, the childbirth experience has great many dimensions. There are so many different angles of this experience that it is difficult to explain. It is most certainly like trying to understand what an elephant looks like […] Read More »

Our quest starts with pink every morning

We start a new Quest every morning or, at least every morning is a part of an old quest. Our quest in the morning starts with pink now-a-days. Let me explain. We open the window in the morning and we see the pink clouds in the sky above the Franklin Mountains of El Paso. The clouds slowly […] Read More »

An interview with Dear Son

In this post, we transcribe a conversation with our four year old Dear Son (DS). It was basically an interview for our blog but DS does not know that. Therefore, DS did not feel the necessity of answering the questions diligently. The questions and the answers are as follow. Question: What is your name? Answer: Dear Son (At this […] Read More »

Rain in El Paso

Today is a rainy day in El Paso! We are enjoying the rain; Ok, the most of it; other than the part where there is water penetration through a door of the house. Dear son likes the use of umbrella on rainy days, especially because rains are rare in El Paso. It is a wet […] Read More »

What to do and expect in the hospital during childbirth

It sounded so easy, such a fun, when we heard about others having babies. In practice, it is difficult, and of course stressful, we admit. However, it is as exciting as it gets and worth every bit of stress. We thought we would use an infographic representation of what to do during the three-days stay […] Read More »

Easy shrimp dish recipe!

Here is our easy shrimp recipe. We always make sure that we have a packet of raw shrimps in the freezer. This dish saved the day (or the evening) many times for us. Feel free to add some jalapeño or red chili if you like spicy hot food. We do not use too much hot […] Read More »

Easy leche flan recipe

We have been making flan time to time for quite some years! While we have shared the recipe with friends in informal discussions, we never got a chance to write the ingredients and the process down until today! The pictures we have presented in this article were taken during the labor day break. Flan can […] Read More »

Shopping with a toddler

Dear son keeps us busy when we go for shopping. We deal with new situations with our toddler from time to time. So much for what to expect. 🙂 Some of the interesting behaviors of our son that we observed in last six months while shopping are as follows. A few days ago, our son […] Read More »

The War Eagles Air Museum: A museum of aviation

There is nothing much to say, except that the War Eagles Air Museum is an excellent place to study the history of military aviation. The museum is located at the Doña Ana County Airport at Santa Teresa, New Mexico. The address is 8012 Airport Rd, Santa Teresa, NM 88008. Just like any of our previous […] Read More »

Where should we start: A homebuyer's perspective

All of us, settler or not, born and raised here or in another place, have the same objective in life — “live long and prosper”. 🙂 Having a place to shed the body is one of the primary instincts leading to a very old phrase of home sweet home. Searching for a home, commonly called […] Read More »

What will a child become tomorrow?

What kind of a person we want to see our children grow up to be? It is a primitive yet elegant question. Like every parent in the world, we have dreams about the person our child will become. Many parents will say that they would like their child to become a doctor, or an engineer, […] Read More »

Educational opportunities for all at a public university

Do you know that, as a Texas resident, you have certain educational rights? It does not matter how young a person is, any interested person has the opportunity and rights to learn from the highest degree-holders of the country. You know what, it is your right as a taxpayer. Oh no, please do not bring that card […] Read More »

Family-friendly ideas to safely invest and grow money

This post focuses on a few investment tricks that we are currently using. Yes, I am talking about investment through stock trading. If you are not already familiar with stock trading, you will have a basic idea about its importance and where to start from by the end of the post. We are fairly new […] Read More »

A few items to keep in mind after childbirth

We stared this discussion in a previous post. Our second post in this sequel covers the “after childbirth” part. Before I continue with this episode related to the “after” part of childbirth, here are a few more items that I should have mentioned in the previous episode: 🙂 Getting enough calcium is important when someone is pregnant. […] Read More »

A morning at Sierra Vista Growers

The address of Sierra Vista Growers is 2800 NM Highway 28, Anthony, New Mexico 88021. The website of the growers states that the city name is La Union. It does not quite matter what the city name is. The latitude is 31°57’4.00″N and Longitude is 106°38’28.71″W, which will never change despite any redistricting. It was a Saturday […] Read More »

A few items to keep in mind during pregnancy

I was taking driving lessons a long time ago. Let’s just say the person giving me the lesson was the instructor. Instructor: Before changing a lane, you need to look at the rear view mirror. Now, look at the mirror. Me: Ok. I did. After a while, Instructor: Sooo, what did you see? Me: A […] Read More »

Ardovino's Desert Crossing Farmers Market

Like all kids, our son loves sowing seeds and watering plants. He even grew strawberries this year. He says, you need four things to grow plants: water, light, air, and love. While growing plants with love and then happily eating their fruits sound an odd kind of affection for plantkind (I do not know if […] Read More »

Sides of El Paso

Update: An update to this article has been made on June 26 2017. A previous update was made on July 11 2016 based on feedback from a reader. Thanks to all our readers for their valuable comments and feedback. We are planning on writing so many things that we are getting confused about what to write first. For […] Read More »

Annual Splash 'n' Sparks at UTEP

This year it was on July 1, Friday. I am not sure if it is held on the same day every year. The full name of the event is Splash ‘n’ Sparks Appreciation Extravaganza. UTEP has arranged this event for the 18th time this year; that is, it has been 17 years since the first Splash ‘n’ Sparks […] Read More »

A Trip to a Village Called Ruidoso: Part 2

The next day was more exciting. We already brought breakfast the night before. After a simple breakfast, we decided to go to some nearby places and then go to the most exciting one. We will describe the exciting part soon. We should mention that we did not take enough pictures on the second day. A reason is […] Read More »

A Trip to a Village Called Ruidoso: Part 1

Like any town of this country, when you are in El Paso you can easily plan a short vacation within four/five hours drive. We planned a trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico in the Spring of 2016. If you are not familiar with El Paso or Ruidoso, you probably do not know how different the climate of these two […] Read More »

White Sands National Monument

If you are in El Paso, you probably do not want to miss visiting White Sands National Monument in the New Mexico state. White Sands is basically a 275 square miles of desert full of wavy dunes. The gypsum sand makes the dunes all white. When you drive to White Sands, you can see the boundary between the White Sands and […] Read More »

Buying a car out of state and remotely

We moved from another state to El Paso, Texas a few years back. Cross country moves are always difficult, especially when you have a one year old. Your brain is about to explode but the excitement towards a new job, enchanting smiles of your family members, and a little help from the movers given that your new […] Read More »