How do you know you are an equalitarian parent?

In our previous post, we explained the Authoritarian parenting style. This post focuses on equalitarian parenting style. An equalitarian parent believes that children should have preferences. Equalitarian parents give choices to their children. Rules are simple in such families. Equalitarian parents discuss the reasons behind the rules with their children. Parents using equalitarian parenting style follow children’s needs and children’s instincts instead of imposing a decision.

How to check if you are an equalitarian parent

Motivated by Dr. Phil’s parenting quiz, we have set up the following quiz with ten questions to identify four levels of equalitarian parenting style: high identification with the equalitarian style, dominant behaviors for the equalitarian style, average or moderate behaviors for the equalitarian style, or low behaviors for the equalitarian style. Upon completion of the quiz, your level of equalitarian parenting style will be shown.

Different children react to different parenting styles — Authoritarian, Equalitarian, and Permissive — differently. Equalitarian style is suitable for some children, while other children may need an authoritarian or a permissive style. However, a consistent style is preferable within a family.

Equalitarian parenting style is collaborative, undisciplined, and reactive. Sometimes this style can be manipulative, both from parents’ and children’s side. 🙂

This quiz will answer of you are using an Equalitarian parenting style

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10 thoughts on “How do you know you are an equalitarian parent?

    1. Very true. I found the questions interesting as well as a little vague. Also, some questions are fit for all styles of parenting. I hid the scoring mechanism in the quiz plugin instead of displaying them. If you go to the original link I provided in the post (Dr. Phil’s parenting quiz link), you will find the ranges. I guess, Dr. Phil kept some questions like this but set the score-ranges based on his research findings.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful evening.

      Best regards,
      Settle in El Paso team

  1. cool…..although…some of those questions. of course they could have thrown me as I am an old fart and a grand parent now. the way we did things wasn’t necessarily the best.
    1. Haha … 🙂 I am sure parenting was hard then as well as now. Worries come with the package. I am sure you did your best, as well all parents try their best now. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a lovely evening.
  2. Ooh, I learned about the different parenting styles some time in nursing school. I find that I know which style I want to be like, but it’s difficult to always be one way. Additionally, I have to change my approach with each child.
    1. So true. It is hard (and not necessary) to use exactly one parenting style all the times. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful rest of the week.
  3. This great piece because I have learnt on how to achieve fairness and equity in parenting. Before now I would think that no one can be equalitarian when it comes to parenting. And my old held believe is that each kid have to be treated according to his or her attitude and of course there will be favoritism. But this post changes lot of that and I must confess after the survey I see I have lot of changes to do in my parenting.
    1. I am sure you are great in parenting. These surveys are not to make any changes but only educational. Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting.
  4. I loved the post. So interesting! I think we all should worry about knowing and improving our parenting style and this is really helpful. We need to see from the outside what we are doing as a parent because that’s the right way of realize if there is something we can correct and do better for our childs. Thank you so much.
    1. You are welcome. I am glad that you liked the post. Agreed that knowing about our parenting style helps a lot. Have a wonderful evening. Thanks a lot.

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