Our first post on hubpages on intersex awareness

We always wanted to make a difference. Making a difference is not easy. It needs time, patience, and effort. Blogging needs all these three things, especially when you want to make a difference. While we are willing to give the effort to make a difference, we are running a little low in the time and patience departments. We need a readership if we want to make a difference. A blog’s readership does not grow overnight. Having said that, there are existing websites that have the readership and that are seeking content. We decided to take the advantage of such an authoritative website — hubpages — to publish our awareness related posts. Our first post on hubpages focuses on Intersex Awareness.

A great thing about hubpages is that each article is reviewed by hub-reviewers. I mean a real review, not an unmanned review. Each article has to maintain a minimum quality to be indexed. We published our first article on hubpages on May 12, 2017. As said in the last paragraph, the topic is Intersex Awareness. We hope more and more people will know about intersex children and these children will have a normal life just like any boy or any girl. The article is linked below.

Intersex Children

1.7% babies around the globe are born in between a female and male trait. This means that intersex people are as common as people with red hair. The article focuses on facts in raising intersex awareness. It explains how common intersex is, how well the society embraces intersex children, and if “fixing” intersex children is necessary. Read the article on hubpages.

From now, we will attempt to publish a few impactful posts (especially on awareness) on hubpages and link them from our blog. Please feel free to provide comments either on hubpages, or on this blog.

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10 thoughts on “Our first post on hubpages on intersex awareness

  1. First of all, congratulations for getting your article published on Hub pages. There are some strict standards to adhere to, so good for you! Secondly, you post sounds interesting. A close friend of mine nearing 50 underwent a sex change because he had always had a gender identity problem. While this is a different issue, the idea that people exist between the two genders is not an issue that people discuss comfortably. So again, good on you!
    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Agreed that people may not feel comfortable in discussing intersex and transgender orientations as much as they are comfortable discussing male or female orientations. I think, more awareness is required. The BBC post — The midwife who saved intersex babies — caught my attention and touched my heart a few weeks ago, which motivated me in writing this awareness post on hubpages. At the end of the hub, I provided a video link, which is probably the United Nations’ first video on intersex awareness.

      Thanks again. Best regards.

    1. Agreed, it is strange. Secrecy and surgery have been common practices for many years for intersex children, even though they are just normal kids.

      I appreciate your visit and kinds comments.

  2. This is way to go and excellent too. More effort have to be put in public awareness on the issue of intersex. People get easily uncomfortable at the topic of intersex and this is as a result of lack of proper education on the topic. I commend your genuine effort really and I expect to see more of this though.
    1. I appreciate your comment here. We will come up with more awareness related posts. Thank you once again for your valuable comments on our blog. Have a wonderful weekend.
  3. To pick such a topic for your first hubpage experience is truly commendable. Slowly society is accepting this as just a natural happening and efforts are made to embrace them with love and care. More and more governments are recognising the need to give them special attention.

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