Check if you are using the authoritarian parenting style

Authoritarian parenting style provides clear and inflexible rules for children. A parent sets the family goals and expectations in this parenting style. There is nothing bad about authoritarian parenting. It is just one of the three styles — Authoritarian, Equalitarian, and Permissive, as described by Dr. Phil. Authoritarian parenting is known to be decisive, efficient, assertive, task-oriented, strict, and rigid.

There are ten questions in the following quiz to identify four levels of authoritarian style: high, dominant, average, or low. These questions are prepared based on Dr. Phil’s parenting quiz.

At the end of the quiz you will be told what level of authoritarian style you demonstrate. Note again that authoritarian parenting is not a negative thing. It is just more directive. As Dr. Phil mentioned, this style leads to a better structure, which many children may need.

You will need a real browser (chrome, safari, explorer, or firefox) to play this. I do not think the WordPress App will be able to execute this interactive quiz.

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6 thoughts on “Check if you are using the authoritarian parenting style

  1. I am sure that I have my reasons. I am quite a lenient parent but having done the quiz, I might have to agree. I’m old school. I was raised by baby boomers and older. I’m Filipino Catholic! I’m an overachiever. I’m a Type A, obsessive-compulsive perfectionist! BUT, I do spoil kids and I can be a friend, until they start thinking I’m like their friends. 🙂 Thanks for the quiz. It’s enlightening.
    1. Haha 🙂 Some parents told me that their style was detected as equalitarian as authoritarian by two different quizzes. That makes perfect sense. We cannot really separate sides of our personality. The quizzes just give us some items to think about. Thank you for visiting and writing a detailed comment.
  2. It is not even appropriate to be too hard or harsh on the kids. Read on being they are impressionable and most wrongs they did are done innocently. More so they require patience for them to understand things because they are at learning stage so being authoritative will not benefit both parent and the kids.
    But after taking the quiz, I am fair enough in my parenting method but I must add, kids sometimes require to see some level of authority in the parents.
    1. There is nothing wrong about authoritative parenting as long as the authoritativeness is demonstrated through love and passion. I totally agree with you. Thank you.
  3. I love these cute quizzes. They’re very fun and easy to do 🙂 anyway, I got the result: Low behaviors for the Authoritarian style

    I am not surprised by it because I have already confirmed on your other post that I belong to the permissive parenting style. I definitely agree that the authoritarian style isn’t for me. I am not strict enough.

    Looking back though, I believe that my mother would fit this style of parenting. She was always really, really strict with us, the kids. She had a set of rules and if you broke them you knew that there will always be a punishment. But she was always very fair. She never went over board with the strictness and she made sure that we knew how much she loves us.

    1. Thank you for taking the quiz. I love it how your mom raised you and your siblings. I think my mom would fall into the same category. To our lovely moms. Best regards.

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